• Equity Marketing that Works

    Our Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System targets all of your dealership prospect opportunities by maximizing Equity and Trade positions. Equity is only 1 component of a 10 Tier strategy to effectively target all of your customers with personalized value proposition marketing that gets results!

    Equity Marketing that Works
  • Showroom Watch Dog

    Showroom WatchDog™ monitors your logged showroom traffic, calling the customers as quickly as within 90 minutes of when they leave! With our trademarked True Voice of the Customer™ interviews, your customer reveals their true objections & critical shopping data was it the price? Selection? Deal? Salesperson? And you make the sale!
    We also capture critical Road To The Sale Data and what advertising source drove their visit. This is sales-making information you can get no other way.

    Showroom Watch Dog
  • Virtual BDC Services

    The professional call center services at CAR-Research are built on 18 years of automotive BDC experience. We are experts in customer communication and attaining true “Voice of the Customer” feedback that is a critical component in helping dealers attain more sales, higher gross profits, and great CSI

    Virtual BDC Services

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Are you making the most of your automotive call center?

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Is your automotive call center doing everything it could be doing for your bottom line? Whether you have the best call center solution in the business or something lesser, there’s always room for improvement in how you make use of the tools provided.

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Showroom WatchDog

Increase Showroom Sales by 18%

automotive bdc

Proven Results Delivered by 18 yrs of Automotive BDC Experience

If you want to generate new business in ways newspapers and radio cannot, then come to DealFinder and try our automotive BDC (Business Development Center). Our BDC will help you develop initiatives for sales that can maximize revenue-generating opportunities, identify dealership assets, and, most importantly, build up customer loyalty.

Our BDC functionality allows you to focus all of your sales initiatives including present customers as well as showroom, telephone and Internet traffic. Our CRM and Internet Lead Manager (ILM) support it fully. By using our BDC, you can use your sales, service and call center collectively to generate new business and maintain customer loyalty. Contact us today for more on our BDC.

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Loyalty DealFinder

Automated Equity & Trade Marketing

Dealership Marketing

Intelligent Dealership Marketing Solutions for All Trade Scenarios

When traditional methods of advertising such as newspapers and radio ads are becoming more costly and less effective, choose dealership marketing from DealFinder. We offer ways that will bring in new customers into your showroom and service centers. Our Business Development Center is designed to help develop sales initiatives that capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities, identify dealership asset and build customer loyalty.

You can use your sales, services and our call center to work in conjunction together to increase business and retain loyal customers. Focus all of your sales initiatives with our BDC, which is fully supported by our CRM and Internet Lead Manager. For more information, please contact us today.

To find out more about dealership marketing, click this link. >> 

Internet WatchDog

Sales & Service CSI Management

automotive call center

Perfect Sales & Service CSI Powered By Our Automotive Call Center

Using the automotive call center at DealFinder will benefit your dealership in numerous ways. It can work together with your sales and services to generate new business while heightening customer loyalty and satisfaction. With the call center, our professional customer service reps will reach out to those customers in a timely and relevant fashion.

We will assist you with customer contacts, be-back penetrations, follow-up calls, and lead generation and conversions. Some of the other advantages include increasing retail sales by 7 to 11 percent by overcoming customer objections, conducting Missed Opportunity Interviews, and providing accurate sourcing of advertising dollars. Contact us today and let our call center work for you.

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Vehicle Exchange

Trade More Vehicles off your Drive

automotive direct mail

Convert More Equity & Trade Customers with Automotive Direct Mail

Automotive direct mail from DealFinder will put you on the kitchen table of potential customers. Just about everyone has a mailing address, so your chances of reaching people are greatly enhanced when you use direct mail. Through our Business Development Center, we can send direct mail, as well as provide customer follow-up calls and emails, on an automated schedule.

Some other benefits include creating electronic and paper daily work plans, following up with CTI, sorting letters by salesperson, provide customized call scripts, check into sold and unsold follow-ups, and look into missed appointments and past dues. Contact us today and start letting our direct mail services work for you.

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I have been using Showroom WatchDog from CAR-Research for over 12 years at a number of my dealerships. If I had only one product that I could recommend to you that will SELL you more cars RIGHT NOW–Bruce Glascock - Dealer at Toyota of River Oaks

We went from #3 to #2 in the US in Toyota sales last year, and CAR’s WatchDog product is one of the main contributors to our success–Nate Murphy - GM at Fred Haas Toyota World

I would not run a store without this product. I have run the 2nd largest Toyota store in America for 20 years and I would never have gotten the numbers I achieved without the information from Showroom WatchDog–Shahin Salehoun - GM at Fred Haas Nissan