You Can’t Afford to Ignore Automotive CSI

Posted by Deal Finder on January 10, 2014

[Posted January 10th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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The automotive CSI is a tool used by dealers to see how satisfied their customers are. It allows them to focus on areas of opportunity while staying on track in their strong areas. It’s a valuable tool that dealers simply cannot afford to ignore. The following is just a few of the benefits associated with these systems.

Hear What the Customers Aren’t Saying

There are a variety of individuals who will not critique or offer constructive criticism to the dealership during their time there. However, their service and experience will still play a role in their decision to return to a dealer for a trade-in or service. With automotive CSI, managers can gain valuable insight into what they’re not being told. They can find out if customers are walking out because they aren’t being reached out to, and they can be notified if service numbers are dropping off due to problems with customer service, pricing or other issues. With this information in hand, problems can be addressed and trends reversed.

Pinpoint Problem Areas

The CSI score isn’t just a simple number. It gives dealers feedback about where they’re struggling and where they shine. They can use this information to maintain their work in some areas while making improvements in others. This type of focus allows dealers to improve the experience for customers and help capture their business in the future.

Manufacturer Rewards

Dealers aren’t the only ones reviewing CSI information. Auto manufacturers are also looking at the details and making important decisions. They reward the dealers that have the highest levels because those are the dealers moving more cars and helping the manufacturer thrive. Dealers that have low CSI numbers are often neglected and ignored in an effort to force them to step up the service and make important changes. With the right focus on improving CSI scores, they’re more likely to turn into champion businesses.

Customized Services

Every market is different, and successful dealers understand this. What’s hot in one area will flop in another. CSI scores and feedback can be used to customize services to the unique market. This allows dealers to reach their most likely base of potential customers. Without this information, all advertising and changes are nothing more than guesswork. With custom-tailored services, the local client base will feel more comfortable and appreciated, and this leads to an increase in sales.

There are many benefits to getting feedback from customers, and dealers cannot rely on customers to share important information with them regarding the functionality and service of the dealership; automotive CSI information systems change that. With detailed questions and the benefit of anonymity, individuals visiting the dealership are more likely to offer honest information and meaningful criticisms. This will allow dealers to improve their services, better train their staff and provide customers with the care and assistance they want. Sales improve along with CSI numbers, and this can lead to attractive manufacturer perks as well as higher overall profit levels.



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