The Automotive BDC at DealFinder can Draw in New Customers

automotive bdc


  • Identifies Dealership Assets
  • Helps to Maximize Revenue-Generating Opportunities
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Focuses on Sales Initiatives from Various Sources

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"I have been using Showroom WatchDog from CAR-Research for over 12 years at a number of my dealerships. If I had only one product that I could recommend to you that will SELL you more cars RIGHT NOW, and make your people better at their jobs…..THIS IS IT!!! I put Showroom WatchDog in my Toyota store in River Oaks and we DOUBLED our sales. BELIEVE IT… works"–BRUCE GLASCOCK - DEALER AT TOYOTA OF RIVER OAKS

"We went from #3 to #2 in the US in Toyota sales last year, and CAR’s WatchDog product is one of the main contributors to our success. Without knowing the real WHY my customers did not buy, or what really happened on the sales floor, we are shooting in the dark when we try to get the customer back in. This product is a winner, and I can’t imagine hitting these numbers without the information we get from WatchDog interviews"–NATE MURPHY - GM AT FRED HAAS TOYOTA WORLD

"“I would not run a store without this product. I have run the 2nd largest Toyota store in America for 20 years and I would never have gotten the numbers I achieved without the information I get from my customers with Showroom WatchDog….I actually pull unsold customers out of my competitors stores and back into mine with WatchDog interviews….quite incredible”"–SHAHIN SALEHOUN - GM AT FRED HAAS NISSAN




You will be able to increase buyer traffic on your website and then turn that visit into an actual lead and potential sale. More traffic to your website, equals more vehicles sales which grows your dealership’s overall revenue.



Overcome “true” buyer objections by identifying false excuses that buyers often give. With a comprehensive and an always up-to-date database, you will have the best information available to sell more vehicles.


Vehicle Exchange

How many more vehicles could you service with more information about each vehicle? With the most robust CRM platform in the industry, now you can service as many vehicles as your staff can handle.


Service Drive

Contact more customers at the right time, using the right methods in a single easy-to-use platform. Your customers will get the personal touch that they deserve.


The Business Development Center at DealFinder Brings in New Customers

The automotive BDC (Business Development Center) at DealFinder will help dealerships to bring in new customers in ways newspapers and radio ads cannot. Our BDC enables you to capture all of your sales initiatives from a variety of sources. This includes existing customers, showroom traffic, as well as potential customers who call in or use the Internet. Its purpose is to identify dealership assets, maximize opportunities for revenue generating and ultimately building loyalty from your customers. Our dealership BDC is supported by our CRM and ILM (Internet Lead Manager). Give us a call today for more information.

Increase After Sale Product Penetration Through Automotive Guest Relations (BDC)

Published by Keith Shetterly on August 31st, 2015

Working with an off-site Automotive Call Center, or Automotive BDC, can lead to a big increase in sales thanks to an oft forgotten source of income: post-sales products. Why would you want to outsource the guest relations department? Because your goal as a dealership is to generate traffic, and sell cars. While that takes your focus (as it should), an outsourced Automotive BDC stays primed for follow-up calls.

Meaning you can lower costs while increasing your margins, and here’s how:

While your on-site dealership sales staff are busy hustling the floor, operators at the Automotive BDC are zeroed-in on customer acquisition and customer follow-up. Such customer follow-up includes calling recent customers and getting feedback, scheduling and reminding them to return for their 3-month oil change, and promoting warranties and other after-sale products.

Have a customer calling upset about a vehicle issue? No problem. Automotive BDC staff are adept at smoothing out the wrinkles and then bringing the customer back into the dealership for repairs (and hopefully to spend some extra cash). After all, after-sales products include everything from extended warranties to big service jobs, items in which the dealership enjoys big margins without negotiation.

Off-site Automotive BDCs excel at this because it’s their main focus and they have the tools and technology to efficiently schedule and record all phone calls, incoming and outgoing. Call center operatives are also trained in the market and are kept abreast on the latest in industry news, products, and technologies.

To increase product penetration after the initial sale, start by getting your F&I (finance and insurance) team to collaborate with your automotive BDC (business development center). While your general goal as a dealership is to generate more traffic to sell more cars, there is an important bit of profit F&I generates that can be followed up on.

The first step is getting your automotive BDC to start referring to buyers as guests, not customers. Customers come, purchase, and go; guests keep coming back. Next, offer presentations and other perks to get those guests back through the door so your automotive BDC can push the after-sale product.

If you sell an average of 150 vehicles a month, you can expect that a certain percentage of guests will lease and another percentage will pay in cash (and refuse any attempts at financing). Perhaps in 30 of those deals, the dealership wasn't able to generate any extra income. This is when you use your automotive BDC to move in and contact these customers through a phone and email process.

One great way of getting people through the door is to go ahead and schedule an oil change with every vehicle purchased and send out an email or phone reminder the week before their 3-month date. Even if only half of the initial thirty come in, if you're able to sell another half of that number (7 to 8) a new warranty or tire and wheel, you've now increased your product penetration. 

  • November 14, 2016

    Automotive BDC and the customer experience

    It’s important for anyone running a dealership today to maintain a modernized automotive BDC, and most know this—but far fewer understand how important that automotive BDC can become. Beyond the mechanical efficiency of a BDC, you need to look at the core of any dealership’s success—and the crucial role BDC plays in that core. We’re talking about customer experience.

    Customer experience separates a great dealership from a terrible dealership, in the eyes of 99% of prospects. You can’t control the product you’re delivering–that’s up to the manufacturers–but you can control how you deliver it. That’s what the customer expects you to get right, that’s where you make your mark, that’s where you succeed.

    Automotive BDC puts the tools you need to maximize the quality of the customer experience directly in your hands. First and foremost, it gives a baseline improvement to customer support and service. Few things will send a customer into the ‘satisfied’ or ‘disgruntled’ category faster than good or bad call experiences. Modern BDC also puts immense amounts of data in your hands, more than enough to figure out what’s making your prospects tick and act appropriately.

  • July 26, 2016
     Increase After Sale Product Penetration Through Automotive Guest Relations (BDC)

    After-saleproducts are a key profit center that is too often overlooked by dealerships. Especially during slower seasons when dealerships experience fewer buyers entering their showroom. Dealerships can compensate for such summer and other seasonal slumps bey ensuring their Automotive BDC is maximizing every deal, and following up shortly after the close of each of those deals.

    An effective Automotive BDC achieves this by implementing a fully comprehensive automotive CRM software and pairing it with a digital signage system that connects with that CRM and its website management tools. This last part is significant as it’s critical to present all after sale product options to your guests in a clear and desirable manner.

    We recommend throwing out the old paper menu pamphlets completely and bringing in tablets and other digital displays that can best illustrate the products and their benefits in an engaging and easy-to-navigate manner. These electronic menus should be likewise available on your website.

    The automotive BDC should be charged with organizing these menus, but more importantly they should be tasked with keeping all customer files up-to-date. Is Customer A ready for a tire rotation next month? An effective automotive BDC will have email campaigns ready to be launched in order to appeal to customers’ needs before they even know they have said needs. This readiness and responsiveness will earn your dealership a more positive reputation and will lead to more ready buyers of those post sale products.

  • Increase After Sale Product Penetration Through Automotive Guest Relations

    If you own and/or manage an automotive dealership and you think your income solely relies on vehicle sales, then you’re missing out some incredible, near passive income opportunities. Passive income is any investment that’s received on a regular basis and requires little effort to keep that income coming. The investment you need to make here is investing in an effective Automotive Guest Relations that’s skilled with post-sale product penetrations.

    How Automotive BDCs and After-Sale Product Penetration Work

    As an owner or manager of a dealership, your general aim is to generate more human traffic so you can sell as many cars as you can to people who walk onto your lot. But after one of these guests signs the paperwork what do you do next?

    You inform your Automotive BDC of the exchange.

    Within two weeks, the Automotive BDC will have made a follow-up contact attempt. While you’re on the floor, their on the phone and chat lines reaching out to both new and previous guests. For those who’ve already made the purchase, the Automotive BDC will begin nudging them to return to your dealership for after sale products.

    Such after-sale products might be anything from a simple 3-month oil change to installing new tires. Did you know that the average American spends nearly $1,000 every year on their car’s maintenance and tires every year? If you sold 30 cars last month and were able to retain 20 of them as continued customers, then that’s an extra $20,000 if you can get them to see your automotive dealership as the go-to for all things big and small.


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