Automotive BDC: The Latest Tool in Your Dealership’s Arsenal

Posted by Deal Finder on February 13, 2014

[Posted January 29th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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What can automotive BDC do for your dealership? The answer is: almost anything you can imagine. BDC or business development center software has become the standard for automobile dealers who want to bring their business in line with the very best practices in the industry and make it easy for their staff to do their jobs effectively, thereby ensuring a healthy bottom line.

With Deal Finder Live automotive BDC software, there is no question that you have the very best in sales and marketing help as well as the ability to manage your entire dealership quickly and easily.

Benefits of Automotive BDC

An automotive BDC does many good things for a dealership, including:

Identifying Dealership Assets

Suddenly, you can collectively put everything you have learned about your customer base to work for you and pass information instantly to everyone. With the help of automotive BDC software, you can use your assets and strengths consistently and to their best advantage.

Maximizing Revenue Generation Opportunities

You have various opportunities to capitalize on public interest in your vehicles and to reach out at key times with service deals and other perks to attract people to your location. With automotive BDC software, you can coordinate these sales and promotional events with all your employees instantly to maximize the use of these opportunities.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customers are looking for a dealership they can trust. Not only do they want the best prices but also the best service and instant, honest answers to their questions. With an automotive BDC, customer calls can be instantly handled by the right people at the right time, building customer faith in the dealership as a whole. No more missed calls or dropped inquiries; customers are instantly routed to the right person to handle their problems.

Focusing on Sales Initiatives from a Wide Variety of Sources

Dealers can no longer rely on a single method of sales. Instead, it is critical that dealers look to diversified advertising in order to find the sources of revenue they need to stay competitive. Automotive BDC software focuses on sales initiatives from many different sources to help dealers earn more money.

The Best Campaigns are Well-Managed

It is not enough to plan a marketing strategy in today’s competitive automotive sales field. Those campaigns must also be managed from start to finish in a precise and organized way in order to be successful. Automotive BDC software gives dealerships the tools to do this by combining internet tracking and database analysis in order to pinpoint customers for targeted advertising.

Automotive BDC software analyzes all aspects of sales including equity positions, payment abilities, OEM program incentives, CPOs, internet shopping habits and service data so that dealers instantly have the big picture for every customer.

With the help automotive BDC software, dealers no longer have to worry about managing large amounts of information. With this software, not only are the day-to-day activities of the dealership under control but the large sales marketing sweeps and campaigns that net profit for the dealership are also under control. Using Automotive BDC software can be the difference in a dealership that is successful and one that never fully realizes its potential.


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