Three Ways Automotive BDC is a Game Changer for Small Companies

Posted by Deal Finder on June 7, 2013

[Posted 7 June 2013 by DealFinder]

Business Development Center (BDC) is a form of customer service center that centralizes all professionals at one location and allows them to make contact with large groups of customers and potential customers at one time. An Automotive BDC have been shown to increase customer service quality and to increase productivity of customer service workers when implemented properly.

What Does a BDC Look Like?

A BDC can take several forms, depending on the needs of the company. Large automobile dealers and organizations such as manufacturers often have call centers with dozens of employees to handle everything from customer complaints to warranty questions or conduct training for dealers. Smaller dealerships have an automotive BDC that works on sales campaigns.

Can I Form a BDC if I am a Small Business?

A BDC model can be designed to work for a business of any size. A small dealership owner may wish to assign one or two people to do nothing but follow up with customers and potential customers on sales, service and satisfaction. Smaller businesses may also want to utilize the help of a larger BDC for payroll services, sharing of equipment and training seminars.

Smaller dealerships are also taking advantage of a new form of the BDC known as a hybrid. The hybrid BDC handles volume call work for a small dealership but refers specific questions to the in-house dealer’s BDC.

What are the Benefits of a BDC?

BDCs can help your automotive business in a variety of ways. Here are three of the benefits of using a BDC:

Increased Sales

Sales usually increase with the help of a BDC. BDC employees can perform large-scale cold calls to share information with potential customers about upcoming sales, saturating your local market with sales pitches. Furthermore, BDC employees can use databases to isolate previous customers by demographic information. For example, your BDC can generate a list of everyone who purchased a vehicle four years ago from your dealership. Armed with this information, BDC employees can contact these customers to encourage them to start thinking about a trade.

Increased Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Waste and mismanagement occurs when you have your sales staff handling their own calls. There may be duplication and some customers may be missed. With a BDC, every customer question and comment can be handled quickly and effectively. Customers also become frustrated when they call for a particular salesperson and are put on hold, shuffled around or miss connections. Furthermore, customers want immediate answers to questions about warranties, service and parts. A BDC can provide instant information on all of these topics in one location, giving you better customer service overall than any other model.

Better Training

A large BDC can take over much of the problem of training your staff in company policies and changes. Many auto makers now offer centralized BDCs that deal with sales staff training and updating everyone on new innovations. Other BDCs offer specialized training modules so that employees have an easy way to learn new skills.

BDCs can be the answer to your sales and training issues if you own an automotive dealership. Forming a BDC is simpler when you have the right information and plan for making your BDC productive.

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