What Makes Automotive BDC a Wise Investment for Your Dealership

Posted by Deal Finder on March 26, 2014

[Posted March 26th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Choosing an automotive Business Development Center (BDC) is a wise investment for your dealership in many ways. From streamlined operations to enhanced productivity, the benefits to incorporating an automotive BDC are focused on setting up a centralized point of contact that preserves existing sales resources while driving traffic and hunting down leads. Discover the many ways a BDC can be a smart investment tactic.

Why a Business Development Center?

An effective business development center, set up within the parameters of your dealership regardless of how large or small, can not only attract buyers and develop further loyalty among customers, but also boost your cost effectiveness in terms of marketing. With an investment in the right BDC now, you can boost business and customer satisfaction in the future. An automotive BDC gained its popularity initially in the automotive industry, paving the way for others to easily handle sales calls and follow-ups, Internet leads, dealer reputation management, updates in pricing, lease returns, promotional calls and e-newsletters to keep clients up to date. It’s key to invest in sufficient training for the right personnel to lead the charge, to avoid failures within staffing and outcomes that have not been clearly established. A little effort now in streamlined operations can lead to exponential growth and a healthy ROI for any dealership later.

Positive Investment

Like any good investment, a BDC is one that must be nurtured. Whether you opt for an outsourced BDC or an in-house option, you will soon see the biggest payoff of a BDC: convenience. With most calls to dealerships coming in the morning, mid-day and later afternoon when sales teams an advisors are trying to sell vehicles, it doesn’t make sense to interrupt that process with the need to be on the phone, following up leads, reaching out to clients and answering queries. Instead, during this productive time for sales people, a better way to tackle this need is to have a BDC in charge of appointment set-ups and customer retention. This frees up the sales personnel to provide assistance to those in the dealership at the moment or out in the parking lot trying to close deals. With more and more dealerships opting to cut out the BDC due to the availability of texts and internet leads, a certain level of attentiveness and effectiveness is lost.

In addition, because some dealerships experience rivalry between regular full-time sales staff and hired BDC workers, many dealerships are trying to lessen that tension by helping the two forces work together to present a united front for boosting sales and loyalty among customers. The increased need to connect with customers via chat, social media and other non-traditional formats has forced more sales personnel to become Internet savvy. While there is a distinction between a BDC and dealership staff, the two are attempting to meld together in their efforts.

Investments in BDC can foster accountability, improve response time, increase effectiveness of follow-up on service and sales requests, manage sales opportunities, chase down leads, boost profits, and increase customer traffic — all within one separate, yet integrated, department within the dealership.


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