The Automotive BDC at DealFinder can Draw in New Customers

automotive bdc


  • Identifies Dealership Assets
  • Helps to Maximize Revenue-Generating Opportunities
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Focuses on Sales Initiatives from Various Sources

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The Business Development Center at DealFinder Brings in New Customers

The automotive BDC (Business Development Center) at DealFinder will help dealerships to bring in new customers in ways newspapers and radio ads cannot. Our BDC enables you to capture all of your sales initiatives from a variety of sources. This includes existing customers, showroom traffic, as well as potential customers who call in or use the Internet. Its purpose is to identify dealership assets, maximize opportunities for revenue generating and ultimately building loyalty from your customers. Our dealership BDC is supported by our CRM and ILM (Internet Lead Manager). Give us a call today for more information.