Using an Automotive Call Center to Bring Customers in to Your Dealership

Posted by Deal Finder on May 21, 2014

[Posted May 21st, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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There are a number of ways using an automotive call center may help your business. You’ll be able to increase the number of interested buyers that enter your dealership. There will always be someone available to talk to your customers to assure them that they are getting the best deal. The call center will be able to answer questions about the automobiles you have in stock, helping them understand specifically why they should visit your dealership over others in the area. The biggest goal of these services is to increase your sales while providing a service to your potential customers, even those generated from leads.

Find New Clients

One of the primary functions of an automotive call center is that they can be used to find new customers and direct them to your show room. Potential clients can either call the center to find a dealer near them or be called directly. The call center will work with leads from various sources to find people who are looking for the specific types of cars that you carry. This direct connection helps to improve the number of people that enter your dealership. Your call center can even help schedule appointments for you ahead of time.

Answer Questions

Most people do not buy a car from the first person they see. Purchasing a vehicle is a very important decision that can have a huge financial impact on a person. That’s why most people who are looking to buy a car spend hours doing research on dealerships before they even go in. Having a call center in place allows customers to have a number where they can call and get additional information when they need it. This will not only make you look more professional, it will help the customers feel more assured that they are in good hands. Hiring a knowledgeable staff to answer these calls is the first step in having great customer service.

Another benefit to answer the questions is that it provides you with another opportunity to give a person a sales pitch. When someone calls and wants to know more information about a vehicle or sale that you are having, you can take this opportunity to explain the benefits of working with your dealership. This can increase sales while saving your dealers time and effort.

Promote a Sale

Call centers are very commonly used to promote sales to new clientele. Your  dealership will occasionally have a great promotion event will need to get the word out that it is available. Using a call center is a great way to show everyone that you have a sale going on. They can call people who were previously bought cars, people who have signed up for your mailing list., or those generated from leads. This helps you grow up in new customers and strengthen your bond between old ones.

When you work closely with the trained call center staff, the possibilities to improve your business are endless. You’ll be presented with several opportunities to rope in new customers, increasing the odds that people will buy. Because the people being contacted by the automotive call center have an interest in buying a new vehicle, they are more likely to think of this as a service and see how visiting your dealership in person can benefit them directly.


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