What an Automotive Call Center Can Do to Improve Your Business

Posted by Deal Finder on June 13, 2013

[Posted 13 June 2013 by DealFinder]

An automotive call center, also known as a business development center or BDC, is an extension of the customer service team at any auto dealership. Where normally a customer service team would only be able to interact with the people who walk through the door, or by reaching out through a direct mail campaign, a call center allows the team to make contact with larger groups of potential and returning customers. This allows the quality of customer service to go up, as it is easier for customers to contact the dealership, and also makes it easier to follow up on leads for potential new customers.

Improved Customer Outreach

In the bad old days dealerships were forced to take out print advertisements in the newspaper or run television and radio commercials in order to reach out to potential new customers. The addition of an automotive BDC allows a dealership to attract new buyers, which leads to selling more cars, servicing more vehicles, and retaining more customers. An automotive call center allows a dealer to capture all of his or her sales initiatives from several sources, including existing customers and those who find the dealership through the Internet. Since a phone call might be the first contact customers have with the dealership, it is more important than ever to have a welcoming and efficient customer service presence in the form of an automotive BDC.

Better Customer Support

The average consumer is busy. Work takes up most of the day after which workers want to go home to be with their family; even when all you want is a moment of leisure, there are always more chores to be done. Requiring customers to visit a dealership in person to take answer their questions or take care of any issues is a sure way to lose their business to a more convenient service. Utilizing an automotive BDC means that your customers can simply call the dealership with any questions or concerns, no extra trip required. If the customer does need a tune up or a replacement part, a customer service representative is already talking to them and can make a sale in the same call. This is more convenient for customers, and better for the dealership’s sales numbers!

Reduced Costs

A well-run automotive BDC can save a dealership of any size some money. This style of customer service lends itself to targeted marketing, meaning that only those customers who stand to benefit from the services being offered are contacted about them in the first place. Why bother mailing a flyer offering a discounted tune up to customers who just came in for one last week? By targeting specific customers for specific services, advertising  expenditures can be reduced while still seeing a boost in revenues from service jobs and sales. In addition, employees in-house can be overwhelmed by the number of leads coming through every day; an automotive BDC is a great way to get a grip on a growing number of leads.

Even though the idea of a BDC isn’t new, there are still new ideas on the best way to set up and run an automotive call center. By utilizing a BDC a dealership of any size can reduce costs, establish better customer support, and improve customer outreach. These efforts will pay off in improved profits and happier, more loyal customers.

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