How Can An Automotive Call Center Improve Dealer Sales?

Posted by Deal Finder on November 6, 2013

[Posted November 6th, 2013 by Keith Shetterly]

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An automotive call center is a centralized location to which all phone and even Internet traffic is routed for handling by trained professionals. An automotive call center handles the day-to-day call traffic for an automotive dealership, and it can also help the dealership improve sales and service for both new and existing customers. What Does An Automotive Call Center Do? An automotive call center is a physical location where phone calls and sometimes emails are routed to people who are trained to handle these types of communications. The call center employees are taught a variety of skills in dealing with present and potential customers, and they can handle almost any type of call that comes in. Automotive call centers are named for the phone calls that they handle, but call centers are evolving to handle Internet communication as well. In fact, many call centers are moving toward chat features and email departments that do nothing but handle online communications and questions. Whether call centers focus on traditional phone interactions, Internet communication or both types of interactions, they answer questions for customers who call with complaints or concerns and make suggestions for customers who may be ready to trade their old vehicles for new ones. Call center employees may perform cold calling for dealerships by making hundreds of phone calls per day to potential customers or may be dedicated only to incoming calls from existing customers. Many automotive call centers combine both features. How Do Automotive Call Centers Improve Sales? There are several ways that automotive call centers improve sales for auto dealerships. First, a call center performs a very simple function by taking on the responsibility of handling routine inquiries and calls. This frees sales people and others to perform other, more important tasks. Another way that automotive call centers improve sales is by making suggestions to customers who call in and ask questions about their current vehicles or new models that may be coming out. Some customers call automotive call centers about service on their present vehicles. By using specialized software, call center employees can not only direct these customers to the right place to get their vehicle serviced or to the right information to solve their problems but can also use suggested sales techniques to lead customers to possible future purchases. Customers calling with service issues can be supported through fixing the vehicles and also targeted at the optimum trade-in time. Finally, an automotive call center can improve sales by engaging in communication campaigns with potential customers. Whether the call campaign involves actual telephone cold calling to potential buyers, an email list or winnowing leads from a web site, the automotive call center employees can take care of a great deal of the initial communication with potential buyers to get them into the dealership to purchase a vehicle. A good automotive call center staff can support the sales people in their endeavors to sell vehicles and increase the overall revenue of an automobile dealership. Investing in a call center is a great way to improve sales as well as increase the level of communication with both existing customers and potential future sales leads.


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