Is An Automotive Call Center The Missing Piece To Your Dealership?

Posted by Deal Finder on January 23, 2014

[Posted December 11th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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An automotive call center is a dealership’s best friend when it comes to managing the heavy flow of phone traffic generated by current and potential customers. With the help of an automotive call center, dealerships can schedule and manage phone calls to free up employees for other tasks and can ensure that all information is routed to the proper person with no customers slipping through the cracks.

The New Information Age

In years past, it was enough for an automotive dealership to have a full-time receptionist to answer the telephone and route calls to the proper departments. In those days, most phone traffic came from repeat customers located in a close geographic proximity to the dealership or from potential customers in that same geographic area. Most people shopped for cars close to home, making it easy to manage a dealership’s phone inquiries. However, with the advent of the Internet, not only has competition increased significantly for dealership business, but people are often calling from far-away locations. Thus, the need for an automotive call center is born.

It is not unusual for someone to call a dealership more than an hour away from the customer’s home when following up on a sale of a particular vehicle, the purchase of a special part or even a low-cost tune-up. This mobile generation has no trouble driving some distance in order to do business with a dealer, and many dealers have begun working with distant partners to transport vehicles from one dealership to another in order to share the potential customer pool.

This sharing of information means that mean dealerships now get a much higher volume of calls than previously, and these calls tend to be more diverse in their nature than ever before. This means that handling the volume of calls can become burdensome for a single receptionist, and customers may fall through the cracks if the dealership is not careful to ensure that every call is handled properly.

Call Centers Can Be the Solution

A call center benefits a dealership in several ways. First, the call center frees up valuable employee time at the dealership. Instead of sales people dealing with every phone call that comes in, calls are routed to the proper person immediately or handled at the call center if necessary.  This helps the dealership to better delegate jobs to the people who can handle them and ultimately offer better customer service.

Further, call centers can ensure that customers receive the service they need. When someone calls about a particular part, for example, the call center routes that call immediately to the service department and can even route such calls to a particular employee within the service department, such as the parts counter. Instead of calling the dealership and being routed through several people, customers gain instant service. The call center may also be able to answer some questions without even transferring the customer, making for a more seamless customer experience.

Automotive call centers can be one of the best investments a dealership can make in customer service improvement. By helping employees focus on customer needs rather than handling numerous telephone calls, automotive call centers make it much easier for dealerships to handle a wide variety of services.


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