Streamlining Business With an Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on July 2, 2014

[Posted July 2nd, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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There are many benefits of a having an automotive call center as part of your dealership, including the ability to streamline your car dealership’s daily operations and increase sales. DealFinder is a preferred business development center (BDC) that can help you as a dealership owner generate new business, boost the satisfaction of your customers, identify assets and pull sales initiatives from a variety of sources.

How an Automotive Call Center Works

Not only can you attract more customers to your showroom floor with an automotive call center; you can also sell more cars, service more vehicles and retain more customers, boosting their loyalty to your business. An automotive call center as part of a comprehensive BDC can address anything from equity and promotional calls to email campaigns and lease returns. You can also more easily flesh out online leads, service marketing, reputation management and up-to-the-minute pricing updates. By implementing a central point of contact, you are streamlining your operations and making it easier to keep track of customer demands, appointments, reminders, information and more.

While some dealerships are abandoning the idea of a BDC due to the rising costs of center staff coupled with regular sales staff, many continue to embrace it as the only efficient way to handle Internet leads during high sales surges. The call center acts as the initial point of contact to receive and sort out the leads, but the baton is soon passed to the best sales person for that particular client. The regular staff sales people keep that business relationship going, but the call center is the one to evaluate the initial contact.

Benefits of an Automotive Call Center

A BDC can handle the overflow of leads that come in from various sources, such as Internet and phone, alleviating the strain on sales people who spend a majority of their time out in the showroom interacting with customers. Call centers can do the grunt work of fielding calls that could turn into potential sales, all without tapping into the sales staff’s resources. Many say sales staff are far more productive when left to interact with customers out on the floor than if they are constantly jumping in and out of the office to hunt down leads or chase messages. Your dealership can save time and hassle with the implementation of an automotive call center that can direct phone calls that flood your company throughout the day.

A BDC fills a gap that exists between real-time needs of customers in the dealership vs. those calling for more information, clarifications, prices, rates and appointments. If you can implement an entity devoted to making your daily operations go smoothly, all while increasing productivity and the bottom line in terms of profit, you will discover how much more fluid and effective your dealership can be. Streamlining operations while at the same time capturing and fostering customer interest — not to mention trust — is at the heart of any automotive call center. DealFinder does everything from create schedules and daily work plans to generate call scripts and follow up with customers. Innovation through a BDC is a critical part of any dealership, whether large or small.


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