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  • Generates New Business
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Identifies Dealership Assets
  • Focuses on All Sales Initiatives from Various Sources

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"I have been using Showroom WatchDog from CAR-Research for over 12 years at a number of my dealerships. If I had only one product that I could recommend to you that will SELL you more cars RIGHT NOW, and make your people better at their jobs…..THIS IS IT!!! I put Showroom WatchDog in my Toyota store in River Oaks and we DOUBLED our sales. BELIEVE IT… works"–BRUCE GLASCOCK - DEALER AT TOYOTA OF RIVER OAKS

"We went from #3 to #2 in the US in Toyota sales last year, and CAR’s WatchDog product is one of the main contributors to our success. Without knowing the real WHY my customers did not buy, or what really happened on the sales floor, we are shooting in the dark when we try to get the customer back in. This product is a winner, and I can’t imagine hitting these numbers without the information we get from WatchDog interviews"–NATE MURPHY - GM AT FRED HAAS TOYOTA WORLD

"“I would not run a store without this product. I have run the 2nd largest Toyota store in America for 20 years and I would never have gotten the numbers I achieved without the information I get from my customers with Showroom WatchDog….I actually pull unsold customers out of my competitors stores and back into mine with WatchDog interviews….quite incredible”"–SHAHIN SALEHOUN - GM AT FRED HAAS NISSAN




You will be able to increase buyer traffic on your website and then turn that visit into an actual lead and potential sale. More traffic to your website, equals more vehicles sales which grows your dealership’s overall revenue.



Overcome “true” buyer objections by identifying false excuses that buyers often give. With a comprehensive and an always up-to-date database, you will have the best information available to sell more vehicles.


Vehicle Exchange

How many more vehicles could you service with more information about each vehicle? With the most robust CRM platform in the industry, now you can service as many vehicles as your staff can handle.


Service Drive

Contact more customers at the right time, using the right methods in a single easy-to-use platform. Your customers will get the personal touch that they deserve.


Generate New Business with the Call Center at DealFinder

If you are a dealership and want to generate new business, use the automotive call center at DealFinder. Traditional methods such as newspapers and radio are costing more and becoming less effective. With our automotive BDC, you can capture all of your sales initiatives from numerous sources such as traffic from showrooms, phones, Internet and existing customers. By capitalizing on our business development solutions, all of your sales, services, and call center functions can work in collaboration to create new business while increasing customer loyalty at the same time. Contact us today for more information.

How can an automotive call center help my business?

  • August 26, 2016

    3 Automotive Call Center Must-Haves

    With all of the technological advancements in the industry, it should come as no surprise to learn that an Automotive Call Center does so much more than just pick up your missed calls. New software advances have made centers more efficient to provide you with effective solutions that will increase your business and enhance your reputation. Just be sure that you choose a company with the following 3 Automotive Call Center must-haves:

    1. Chat.  Despite it being technically called an automotive “call” center, it’s imperative for such centers to also offer internet chat options. This allows customers who access your dealership’s website to quickly and easily connect with a representative. Automotive call center agents can also utilize chat functions to interact with more than one customer for effective multi-tasking.
    2. Call Recording.  Call recording can be especially helpful for use of creating and organizing an effective sales strategy. This must-have will enable your team to revisit former calls to better follow-up with a customer and tailor representatives’ sales pitch.
    3. Email Response Mangement Software.  Also known as ERM, these types of systems send periodic automated responses to customers based on their website engagement and responses to previous emails. This helps the team better manage the flood of emails and website visitors your dealership gets every day.

  • How can an automotive call center help my business?

    Published by Dealfinder on June 2, 2016

    Dealership managers and owners have to keep a sharp eye on expenses, while taking the necessary steps to ensure their customer list grows and advertising campaigns are executed properly. Investing in an automotive call center to handle your telephone and web matters is great for achieving both goals as it can reduce the amount you spend on direct staffing costs while also bringing in new guests and pushing for greater sales.

    Here’s how:

    • Around-the-clock service.  You likely can’t staff your dealership 24/7, but with a quality automotive call center you don’t have to. These call centers are available around-the-clock to answer potential customers who call your phone line or who visit your website looking for more information.
    • Expert assistance.  It isn’t enough just to have people man the phones, you want knowledgeable representatives who can converse with your guests in a friendly, professional manner. Quality automotive call centers employ service staff who are trained in the features of new vehicle models, and in how to respond to calls and chat questions in a manner reflective of your dealership.
    • Timely outbound calls.  Not everyone is effective at cold calling. An automotive call center provides experienced outbound calling services by following up with customers, handling surveys, and conducting market outreach.
  • How can an automotive call center help my business?

    Outsourcing to an automotive call center has become a very popular and advantageous way for dealerships to reduce their operating costs while also providing high quality services to potential customers. Here are a few of the more significant ways an automotive call center can help your business:

    • Around-the-clock service.  Like most brick and mortar businesses, your dealer lot likely has opening and closing times. This means that any onsite call center staff are likewise restricted to answering calls only during working hours. Problem is, most people start inquiring about new products and services in the late afternoon hours when they too are off work. Outsourcing to an automotive call center means that guests never have to talk at your voicemail again as representatives will be on task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Enhanced customer service.  Automotive call centers hire experienced representatives who have proven themselves adept at engaging callers and generating quality leads. Such industry-specific centers also go the step further to employ and train operators to be exceptionally knowledgeable about vehicles and their specifications. They know the purchase behavior of different niche car buyers, making them a real asset to any automotive dealership looking for higher conversions. Most call centers also offer bilingual appointment teams that are a must in cities wherein English isn’t the only popular spoken language.
    • Enhanced technology.  Automotive call centers aren’t just focused on calling either. Representatives will also help on the web front, initiating push chats with website visitors and following up on email leads. And not just once. Call center agents pursue a minimum of five follow-ups, in a timely and appropriately spaced manner, to ensure every opportunity is chased to its highest potential.
  • January 14, 2016

    Published by Keith Shetterly on August 31st, 2015

    There are two ways for a business to increase cash flow: reduce spending or increase income. While today’s market is rebounding, many dealerships have still found it necessary to reduce some spending to stay ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, in-house call centers are often the first to get the cut. But what if you could lower costs and increase your sales by switching over to an automotive call center?

    Here are just a few of the big ways an automotive call center can help your dealership:

    • Superior in-market knowledge for outbound calls. Industry-specific call centers employ and train operators to be knowledgeable about purchase behavior, vehicle specifications, and best business practices.
    • No more forgotten leads.  Call center agents are directed to follow-up on every Internet lead, so not only are follow-up calls made in a timely fashioned, there will be five or more attempts to ensure no opportunity is missed.
    • Professional handling of inbound calls.  The vast majority of phone calls a dealership receives occurs during the morning, mid-day, and late afternoon–at the exact same time sales staff and advisers are working the floor with onsite customers. It’s common that during these busy times phone callers are put straight on hold, transferred to another department, sent straight to voicemail or, in the rare case they do get a salesperson, are told that it’s a busy time and they’ll have to be called back later. Another potential sale down the drain. An Automotive Call Center bridges this gap to answer every phone call with direct service. This helps a dealership increase appointments, sales, and customer retention while also freeing up onsite sales staff for personalized attention toward their customers.

    There are many different options and programs you can use in your auto business today. An automotive call center setup is an important tool that can be used to handle many different aspects of the buying and selling process.

    Generates New Business

    Increasing your buyer traffic to your website is key when trying to generate sales. Using the tools provided by the program you could generate more business using less expensive and more productive ways of capturing leads.

    With a designated call center your business will have the opportunity to satisfy more leads. You can turn cold leads into hot leads by answering a question over the phone.

    Increases Customer Satisfaction

    Once you have captured the leads you will be able to provide your customers with a better service experience by having knowledge and information at your fingertips. This will ensure you are able to answer any questions or concerns your customers may have. By becoming a valuable source of information you can quickly diffuse negative situations with one phone call.

    You’ll also build customer loyalty by being available to answer questions and fulfilling tasks over the phone. You can call to remind them of recurring services that may need to take place on their vehicle.

    Identifies Dealership Assets

    By having a call center you create a place where information about all your dealership’s assets can be easily accessed. Questions will no longer go unanswered and customers will be satisfied with the new knowledge they have gained.

    If your dealership is carrying a new product or offering a new service, this can be mentioned to the customer on the phone. This makes sure your customers are aware of the many benefits your dealership has to offer.

    Focuses On All Sales Initiatives From Various Sources

    Business today can come from many different outlets. If you aren’t utilizing them all, you could be missing out on many potential leads. With an automotive call center at your disposal, you can direct all your sales initiatives–such as leads from phone, Internet, and walk-ins–to a designated line.

    Having a call center allows you to connect with more customers than just those that walk into the dealership. You have the ability to answer questions, calm frustrated customers, and make sure billing obligations are being met–all without the customer leaving their home. Providing this level of convenience to your current and potential customers is priceless.


    Updated  by Keith Shetterly on January 14th, 2016

    Managing a successful automotive dealership often becomes exponentially harder the more your business grows. To keep up with your sales successes, you need to have the right, professional people in place who are able to efficiently respond to customer inquiries and are adept at getting them to come into the showroom. These representatives should also know how to capture hot leads and prevent sales from being lost through a missed or mishandled conversation.

    One tried and true way of addressing these challenges and taking advantage of the big opportunities to to use an automotive call center. An experienced, well-managed automotive call center can and will provide professional responses to all of calls you direct their way. Here are just some of the key ways incorporating such a team can help your business:

    • Ensure a personal response no matter the hour.  A person doesn’t call or visit your website just for whimsy’s sake. It’s important for representatives to treat every call as a prospective sale. Adding a professional call center to your marketing plan will provide the greatest impact with callers and potential clients to push forward a much stronger brand.
    • Animate your marketing plan.  Does your dealership focus on print and traditional broadcasting advertising? Adding a professional automotive call center is a great way to improve the results of marketing campaigns like direct mail to ensure that every mailer also gets a personal follow-up call. Call center representatives can also be tasked with sending e-mails and other immediate responses for a more robust and active marketing campaign. Representatives can also schedule guest visits to help bring in customers.