The Electronic Automotive CSI from DealFinder Provides Excellent Customer Feedback

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  • Provides Excellent Customer Feedback
  • Automatic Grading System
  • Resolves Issues
  • Improves Dealership Experience


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I have been using Showroom WatchDog from CAR-Research for over 12 years at a number of my dealerships. If I had only one product that I could recommend to you that will SELL you more cars RIGHT NOW–Bruce Glascock - Dealer at Toyota of River Oaks

We went from #3 to #2 in the US in Toyota sales last year, and CAR’s WatchDog product is one of the main contributors to our success–Nate Murphy - GM at Fred Haas Toyota World

I would not run a store without this product. I have run the 2nd largest Toyota store in America for 20 years and I would never have gotten the numbers I achieved without the information from Showroom WatchDog–Shahin Salehoun - GM at Fred Haas Nissan


Increase Your Score with DealFinder’s Customer Satisfaction Index

One way to obtain excellent customer feedback is through the electronic automotive CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) from DealFinder. CSI and SSI scores have a huge impact on a dealer’s income, so it is vital to get good feedback to improve low-scoring areas. We provide automated surveys to your customers after they purchase or service their vehicle. These surveys are seamlessly integrated into our XRM. You can keep track of the pulse of your dealership using our CSI. Our automated grading system of the surveys will notify you, allowing you to correct any issues. This can improve the dealership experience for future customers. Take advantage of manufacturer’s CSI and SSI dollars, as well as our dealership marketing, contact us today!

  • Absolute “Musts” for a Successful Automotive Sales CSI

    The success of your dealership relies on strong, positive guest relationships. The best way to tell how you’re doing is through an Automotive CSI. This is the feedback your customers give so you can see how your dealership ranks. Here are some absolute musts to improve your Automotive Sales CSI:

    • Take a driver’s seat view of what your customers see.  Your customers’ perspective is the only one that matters when it comes to your Automotive CSI. While you might be prejudiced, friends and families are less likely to be. Invite someone with an unbiased opinion to come in and go through the buying process. Ask how they feel about every detail: how the showroom looks, whether the music is appropriate, and how they felt being approached by sales personnel.


    • Call in a product specialist.  Technology on new vehicles is consistently getting more advanced and complex. Consider hiring a product and tech specialist who has been trained and is up-to-date on the latest features in new vehicles. For instance, a 2015 Drive Report from JD Power discovered an incredible 20% of new vehicle owners hadn’t used half of the technological features available within their vehicle after three months of their purchase date. Bring this number down and improve your reputability by having someone on hand to explain all of the gadgets to interested customers.
  • Increase After Sale Product Penetration Through Automotive Guest Relations (BDC)

    Published by  on December 30, 2015

    The automotive BDC department is typically focused on lead handling and appointments. However, if you’re only going after new customers, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity for a quick and easy sale from a proven past customer (or guest as we like to call them). How? With after-sale product penetration.

    The ‘Found Income’ in F&I

    While the goal for any automotive dealership is primarily to generate more traffic they can sell more cars, there is an important profit that can be generated once that primary goal has been achieved. Use your Automotive Guest Relations group to reach out to past customers (guests) and offer them a little something extra, an incentive, if they come back a little time after the sale is complete. For example, you might consider asking the buyer of a new vehicle to return in three months for a free oil change and, once they have, up sell on a maintenance or service package.

    Adding up the totals

    While the profits on one family service package might not seem like worth the effort (after all, you’re making thousands of dollars on each car sale), but when you look at the big picture the total numbers might surprise you. For example, say you sell 300 vehicles every month. From each month, look at 60 or 80 customers who weren’t initially sold on any extras and incorporate a phone process to bring them back in with incentives. If for every 80 customers you can only get 40 to walk back in the door, and maybe from that only sell 10 or 15 of them a warranty or service package, that’s still around a comfortable $3K profit with better automotive CSI.

  • Absolute “Musts” for a Successful Automotive Sales CSI

    Published by  on  March 14, 2016

    Automotive sales hinge on positive customer-representative relationships. Your dealership wants to know that every person who walks on your dealer lot is satisfied with how they were received and want to do business with your group again, and again.

    • Automated and responsive customer feedbackFew people have the time or patience for a long drawn-out direct mail survey. That’s why a must in today’s internet-heavy world is automated surveys. Such surveys can be sent through e-mail, or you can post short polls on your social media account. Responses to both can be immediately sent to an automatic grading system that’ll enable you to get a more accurate view of customer feedback.
    • Multiple grading systemsA word about those grading systems. After a survey or social media poll is sent to the automated grading system and is graded, those results should be immediately added to your dealership’s CSI score. Scores should be separated into categories such as: “Immediate attention needed”, “Some attention needed”, and “Attention satisfied”. This’ll enable your team to focus on the precise areas where improvement is necessary. Over time, this grading system will provide you with long-term data wherein you can check how your team members are handling customer concerns over time. A high CSI score will also garner repeat business by word-of-mouth referrals.
    • Partner with a responsive CRMThere’s no better way to get the most out of your CSI than to integrate it with a responsive CRM. A great CRM will keep customers in touch with your dealership team, generate new and repeat business, and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

    Published by  on November 23, 2015

    The experience of buying a new car means more than just finding a suitable vehicle and signing the final papers. A big factor for customers is how they were treated by sales associates during the entire process. This is why sales personnel often request for customers to give them positive feedback through a customer satisfaction survey known as the Automotive CSI.

    The Automotive CSI is a key performance indicator for the automobile industry. This is a highly competitive industry in which several dealerships often compete for the same targeted customers. Dealerships with high customer satisfaction are the the ones ripe for future growth and greater success.

    The Benefit of Automotive CSI

    • Identify the Good and BadThe Automotive CSI both enables dealerships to identify where their sales excels and where there is need for improvement. For example, through the automotive CSI a dealership may learn that customers feel as if online inquiries are answered too slowly. This allows the dealership to identify a problem area, research and implement potential solutions, and through future feedback test to see how the solution fared. In doing so, the dealership can boost its current and future clientele satisfaction.
    • Customize ServicesTo stand out from the crowd, a dealership will need to showcase their differences. You can use CSI scores and feedback to better customize services for your ideal audience.For instance, maybe you have a large number of clients reporting wanting to do an oil change as part of their service package. You can use this information to concentrate on crafting special discounts or packages to appeal to these clients. In this way you are customizing your services to attract targeted audiences.

    Published by on October 6, 2015

    When providing a service such as automotive sales you want to make sure you are doing it the right way. By the right way we mean your customers are satisfied and willing to do business with you again. Nothing helps more than knowing your customer satisfaction index score.

    Knowing your score helps you keep you aware of changes and improvements that need to be made. We’ve developed a way to automate the survey process, improve your score, and increase your income.  Here are the absolute “musts” that we’d want included in a successful automotive sales CSI and why we put them in there for you.

    Provides Excellent Customer Feedback

    In the past, requesting customer feedback was a long process filled with direct mail surveys that didn’t get opened. Now, the process is completely automated. The fact this process is automated is a must for any company because it keeps you and your team members focused on the customers. After doing business with you, your customer will receive an automated survey request in their email. Once the survey is filled in it is sent to the automatic grading system.

    Automatic Grading System

    Once the survey lands in the automatic grading system, it is graded, sorted, and added into your customer satisfaction index score. Your score will always be based off the received and confirmed information provided. By separating the score into categories, the CSI highlights the exact areas where your business needs improvement. This helps you keep track of how well your team members are handling customers’ wants and needs.

    Resolves Issues

    Trying to hone in on the processes that need improvement in your dealership can be a task. Now the information is laid out in front of you. Whether your customers think your company is lacking or doing a great job will be clearly visible by the scores you receive. Having that information in one place streamlines the process of improving on your scores, if and where needed.

    Improves Dealership Experience

    You want to get more customers and close more deals. By having a high CSI score you can bet your reviews on other websites are high as well, because you know your clients are satisfied. Having good customer satisfaction ratings is key in being referred to friends and family who may be searching for a vehicle. The more business you gain by word of mouth, the less you have to seek out from other sources.

    Integrated Into a Revolutionary CRM

    Our CRM lets you keep in touch with your customers like never before. The CSI automated scoring system is just the start of the excellent programs included in our revolutionary Car-Research XRM. Other benefits include generating new business, identifying your dealerships assets, and focusing on sales initiatives from various sources.