How to Get the Most Out of Automotive Direct Mail

Posted by Deal Finder on June 20, 2013

[Posted 20 June 2013 by DealFinder]

Automotive direct mail is a method used by automotive dealerships to market promotions, sales, and other events within the dealership. It is an effective means to inform and build a relationship with a specific audience regarding any automotive related news that may interest them. For this reason, it is necessary to communicate the correct information to the correct audience. While it may be tempting to send promotional material to every address found on a mailing list, it is important to locate the target demographic and offer relevant promotions that will not only assist in obtaining new customers, but will give current customers a reason to return.

Attract New Customers

Promotional material, especially the promotion of markdowns, is a great way to use automotive direct mail to obtain new clientele. Individuals who are in the market for a new vehicle are often thoroughly researching their options in order to receive the best deal possible. One effective marketing strategy is to send any promotion regarding specific discounts on new or used vehicles to those addresses that own a single car, a particularly old model car, or do not own a car. If a dealership happens to be selling discounted car parts, this promotion would be best suited for an address that already has an existing vehicle, rather than one that does not report to have any.

Engage Existing Customers

Existing customers will have a detailed profile regarding the make and model of their vehicle in addition to the date they purchased it. Promotional material that is best suited for existing clientele may be discounts for oil changes, car parts and accessories, or tire rotation and overall vehicular maintenance. Depending on the particular information that is known regarding the client, the dealership may send promotional material tailored especially to the make and model of the vehicle as well as when they are due for regular maintenance.

How to Lose Customers

An effective way to lose customers is to continually send promotional material that is irrelevant or excessive. Not every promotion and event is going to be universal, and in order to cater to a target audience each piece of promotional material must be geared to those whom the information concerns. If households are constantly bombarded with promotional material that is not related to their particular vehicular needs, they will then begin to associate the dealership with spam and may be detoured from visiting the location.

A good example of automotive direct mail that may be considered universal is a grand opening of a new dealership or location. Most individuals, regardless of their location, can benefit from the grand opening of a dealership offering affordable discounts as most shoppers are willing to travel in order to save money on a vehicle.

In order for automotive direct mail strategies to be successful, it is necessary for the marketing team to be aware of the specific needs and desires of the target audience. The target audience should consist of those who the promotional information is most relevant to, rather than every address on a mailing list. It is important for the marketing team to research thoroughly in order have the most effective automotive direct mail strategy.

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