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Posted by Deal Finder on August 14, 2013

[Posted August 14th by Keith Shetterly]

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Automotive direct mail is a great way of generating much more interest in your business for a low cost. Many business owners find it to be one of the most successful and efficient methods of advertising for car dealerships, regardless of the location and type of dealership. Small and large dealerships, luxury and affordable dealerships, successful and unsuccessful dealerships alike can all benefit from automotive direct mail, so it is advised that every car dealership consider using it as a way to get the word out about their products and services.

Why Does Direct Mail Work?

Many people claim that now that the world is shifting towards information technology, it is better to use e-mail and electronic advertisements as opposed to direct paper mail. However, many people are much keener to delete electronic mail and advertisements or move the newsletters to spam folders. It is much easier and more convenient to get rid of electronic mail, so the recipients of the e-mails might delete them without ever reading past the subject line. This is unproductive advertising and can be ineffective at increasing brand reputation. In some cases, it might even become annoying to potential customers, causing their opinion of the brand to become less favorable. Since automotive direct mail arrives in a physical form and is colorful and arresting, the message is more likely to make it to the customer before it gets discarded.

Some would argue that email campaigns are more inexpensive, and therefore more cost-effective, than direct mail campaigns. While the cost of printing and sending direct mail may be higher in some cases, many car dealerships do not realize that, in sending e-mails, they will need to invest time and money into developing an attractive electronic format. Additionally, with the wide variety of devices from which consumers can now access the Internet, including mobile phones, tablets, and even e-readers, businesses have to be triply careful when designing their graphics and layout to make sure it will display correctly across all platforms. With all the extra trouble associated with electronic mailing, the difference in pricing starts to shrink and become less significant.

Popularity of Direct Mail on the Rise

More and more companies are beginning to realize the advantages of using direct mail, especially for automotive companies, so the value of using direct mail is growing. In 2011 the spending on direct mailing services went up from the year before, indicating an overall trend in marketing campaigns in the business world. With competition for customers’ attention on the rise, there’s no time like the present to enlist automotive direct mail services.

What to Do About Automotive Direct Mail

To make automotive direct mail work for your company or car dealership is not a difficult task. There are plenty of companies that are willing to help and guide you through the process of designing and sending out your direct mail, but the rates and services vary immensely. Make sure to conduct a bit of research to make sure that you are getting what you need at the best price available.

With the rising trend of automotive direct mail taking shape, there’s no time like the present to investigate what direct mailing can do for your business.


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