How Automotive Direct Mail Plays an Important Role in Dealership Marketing

Posted by Deal Finder on June 9, 2014

[Posted June 9th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Automotive direct mail is one of the more popular forms of advertising out there for a simple reason: it works. As an effective tool in your automotive lead-generation efforts, direct mail marketing can boost both sales initiatives and customer loyalty. The tried-and-true method of coupling direct mail campaigns with phone calls, emails and automated customer follow-ups can attract those customers you’re most yearning to reach. As such, automotive direct mail plays a vital role in dealership marketing.

Direct Mail Capabilities

Automotive direct mail shows up in your customers’ mailboxes in the form of eye-catching glossy brochures, postcards, personalized letters and coupons. If you’re lucky, your mailer will spark interest in the recipient, prompting him to save it and mark his calendar to take advantage of whatever deal you’re offering. It doesn’t work on everybody. In fact, most people may just toss your mailer in the recycling bin; however, if you can hook that small percentage of potential customers and translate that into sales, you’ve got a win-win situation. Automotive direct mail is nothing new. It’s been around for decades. In 2013 alone, direct mail spending hit $45 billion, attesting to the fact that this method indeed works for businesses just like yours. Snail mail even generates a better response than email, with a 25 percent response rate as opposed to just 23 percent response rate, respectively.

How it Can Work for Your Dealership

Direct mail appeals to customers and potential customers because it targets something they may not be able to resist, whether that’s $1,000 off a new car with test drive or a free oil change with service. Those glossy brochures and cards get you noticed, putting you above the competition when you connect on an organic level with customers. You can customize direct mail campaigns to include virtually anything from coupons and mobile bar codes, to online coupon codes and reply cards. It gives people a reason to get in touch with you or visit the dealership. Including your website or social media page is even better, as you can pick up online where direct mail leaves off.

Find out what customers want and when they want it. This allows you to better cater to the customer experience. Direct mail is effective at generating leads and traffic because it hits your target market. You may know other dealership financial managers in your circle who discount the value of direct mail, as they feel it involves too much expense with not enough return. However, if you’re smart, you know that return on investment (ROI) means more than just the initial cost to create and send out the mailer. The most valuable component here is the knowledge you can gather from direct mailers.

Today, it’s easier than ever to make your own customized direct mailers online, with the ability to choose from thousands of graphics, templates and designs. Keep in mind that successful direct mail gets to the point quickly without a lot of flash. Think about what the client wants and go with that, whether that’s free money or a cheap deal. Implement a smart direct mail campaign into your car dealership’s marketing strategy to get the response you want with a boost in sales.


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