Automotive Direct Mail is a Reliable Method of Generating New Business

Posted by Deal Finder on September 18, 2013

[Posted September 18th by Keith Shetterly]

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Competition in the car industry is fierce, and dealers need to use every tool available to them. While television and radio ads reach out to a large audience, a more targeted approach is often more cost-effective. When it’s time to invest in direct marketing that actually gets results, consider direct mail marketing geared for auto dealers. Here are a few ways automotive direct mail marketing can benefit auto dealerships.

Attract Interest for Special Events

Dealers can never be sure when a customer is ready to buy or trade a car, so it’s important to keep in touch with customers. When a dealer is hosting a grand opening or another special event, postcards or other forms of automotive direct mail can be sent out to former customers and people who’ve stopped in for test drives. A customer who is considering making a purchase may decide to stop in and see how attractive the newest deals are.

Increase Traffic to Repair Centers

Selling may be a dealer’s specialty, but the repair center is often the bigger profit area. It’s important to bring customers in for basic maintenance like oil changes, new filters and alignments. Without direct mail reminders, customers may decide to visit their local mechanic. Encourage them to come back to the dealer for all of these important services with regular mailings and special promotions on services.

Helping People Helps Dealers

New cars sometimes have lower payments than older cars, and that can be a great incentive for customers to visit a dealer and trade-in. With direct mailings and effective database management, dealers can target people with high car notes and send them offers for new cars with lower payments. The customers will appreciate the savings, and it brings more business into the dealership.

Enticing Trade-Ins

The used car market is just as hot as the new market, and many buyers are looking for specific models. If a dealer is having trouble keeping those used cars in stock, they can reach out to existing owners with special promotions. A family who hasn’t considered trading-in their car may change their mind when they see how much their current car is worth. This helps the dealer in two ways. It boosts new car sales, and it allows them to move more used cars by bringing in the models buyers are searching for.

Personalized Contact

Invest in regular, personal contact to target customers and make them feel more special. A handwriting font can be used along with personal information and customized content to let customers know that they’re important. Even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase at that time, they’re more likely to return to the dealers who have shown that they care about customer service and their client’s needs.

Dealers are facing an incredible amount of competition between other dealers, individual used car sellers and the Internet. Advertising is more important now than ever before. Use radio ads and television commercials to get the dealer name out to the public, but turn to direct mail for targeted marketing that will effectively bring customers to the dealership. The programs are cost-effective, and they can be used in a variety of ways to increase new and used car sales, boost business at the service side and encourage customers to return when they’re ready to buy.



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