A Beginners Guide to Dealership BDC

Posted by Deal Finder on June 27, 2014

[Posted June 27th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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An auto dealership business development center (BDC) is a standard developed by the industry for helping your dealership deal with providing superior service to your customers. Elements of a well-integrated auto dealership BDC include a customer call-center, customer service center, follow-up and lead generation system. What you know and understand about a well-integrated BDC into your current technology platform can help you improve your customer retention and loyalty and lead to additional sales opportunities.

Dealership BDC’s play an important role in generating leads and new business opportunities for your auto dealership. It’s important to know how this technology works and why a well-integrated BDC is good for your business. Some of this information comes from a recent talk on automotive BDCs given at the 2014 National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) convention and expo.

What is Automotive BDC?

The automotive BDC has been around for nearly 20 years, making it as old as the internet itself. In simple terms, an automotive BDC is a place that allows you to collect and actively use customer data for the purpose of generating sales leads, track service satisfaction and upsell existing customers as well as generate new sales. One of the best places to find an automotive BDC solution for your dealership is DealFinder. Their solution, Car-Research XRM, provides you with all of the tools you would expect in a BDC in order to meet your goal of creating those additional business opportunities necessary to increase revenues.

Having the technology in place is not a guarantee for success. One of the issues with any technology is how easy it is for the end user to understand and whether the system is used as intended to assist you in meeting sales targets. Some auto dealers who have invested in the technology have difficulty understanding the importance of BDCs and how to fully integrate it with other systems used by the dealership to generate sales.

How Automotive BDC Technology Works

An automotive BDC focuses on one side of the total customer relationship management or CRM process. As a successful auto dealership, you understand the importance of managing your existing customer relationships as well as measure the satisfaction your customers have with the level of service they receive from you. An automotive BDC that works with your CRM provides you with a way to keep your customer’s needs first and foremost in your mind by automating the scheduling of service appointments and following-up with your customer’s experience after the service they receive.

The Importance of a Well-Integrated Automotive BDC for your Dealership

There is no doubt that you understand why it is important to engage in proactive sales activities, such as customer service follow-up and new sales lead generation. Making sales calls and asking for referrals from satisfied customers are important in order if you want to generate business and maintain loyalty. The automotive BDC, as a part of your overall customer relationship process is an essential part of creating sales opportunities for your dealership. You should understand however that the technology is only as good as your understanding of its importance and your ability to integrate the BDC into your dealership’s culture and everyday practices.


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