A Closer Look at the Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on March 5, 2014

[Posted February 12th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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What are automotive call center services? How do these services help your car dealership grow its revenue and manage its customers? The answers to these questions may be at the very heart of your success as an auto dealer. Working with a solutions provider like Deal Center’s Deal Finder may be how you answer these questions and move from missed opportunities to increased sales.

Understanding the important role new technologies play in lead generation and being in a position to take advantage of them is what helps you stay competitive and lessen the chances that you will miss a sales opportunity. You need to understand how a tool such as an automotive call center helps your dealership, why you should consider an automotive call center solution like Deal Finder and the benefit your dealership will derive.

How an Automotive Call Center Helps Your Dealership

An automotive call center takes traditional ad generation methods to a different level. Your use of a call center provides you with a way to effectively manage your customers, create lead opportunities for your dealership and increase sale. This is done by personalizing calls to match your customer’s expectations, depending on where they reside within your lifecycle. A customer that initially engages your dealership through your website would be contacted in a much different way than a customer who has already made a purchase from you. This personalized experience allows the call center to create a targeted experience for the customer with the goal of a specific outcome. That outcome can be a new sale, upsell, referral or other type of activity that relates to selling and increasing your profitability.

Why Deal Finder’s Automotive Call Center Solution  

Deal Finder’s automotive call center solution is designed to help you move your sales north. What this means is the system is designed to work interactively with your customer relationship management (CRM) system and determine how best to provide information or manage the relationship in order to increase sales opportunities for your dealership. An effective call center works to combine information already available in your various dealership systems and helps you make sense of the data in order to pinpoint additional business development opportunities.

The Benefits of an Integrated Automotive Call Center Solution for Your Dealership

The benefits that your auto dealership derives from an integrated automotive call center solution like Deal Finder is boundless. You should be able to experience an increase in sales opportunities for new and repeat business. You should be able to manage a customer’s experience for service and enhance their satisfaction with your auto dealership. A well-integrated call center solution should help eliminate missed opportunities for sales and turn them into profits for your auto dealership.

If you have never before considered what an automotive call center can do for you, as part of your overall automotive CRM solution, you need to think about all of the opportunities you have missed to increase your dealership’s profitability. The Deal Finder solution may be the missing link between your CRM solution and the results you are looking for.



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