Creating an Effective Dealership Marketing Campaign

Posted by Deal Finder on August 27, 2014

[Posted August 27th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Creating market strategy for any business can be a daunting task. Knowing the right way to advertise in order to reach a specific target audience takes skill, common sense, and savvy customer knowledge. Not only does the market strategy have the potential to make or break a business, it can help to generate interest, promote deals, ensure customer loyalty, and bring in sales. What are the best ways to reach out to customers and clients? Wacky inflatable tube men may grab attention, but this hardly seem like the best choice in terms of messages. Direct mail, mobile apps, email and call centers are a few options to consider when developing a dealership marketing strategy.

Direct Mail

Even as the internet has exploded into existence, direct mail, through the postal system, is still an excellent and sure-fire way to reach potential customers and clients. Envelopes are delivered directly to the potential buyer’s house, where the letter may end up on the table or tacked to the fridge. With the advertisement out in the open, this has the potential to reach not only the intended recipient, but also the friends and family of that recipient. Building customer loyalty with dealership marketing is one of the major keys to a successful business. A follow-up through the mail is one of the many ways to show customers how much their business is valued, and lets them know that they will be cared for in and well guided when they make their next purchase.

Mobile Apps and Other Software

With the advancements of technology, mobile apps are an excellent way to reach out to customers and clients. Not only is such software highly malleable, able to reach more than one set of target audiences, it is also interactive. Deliver promotions, sales, and messages directly to a customer’s palm with the use of a smartphone or tablet. This is a great marketing tool for many businesses because it allows the customer to interact on his or her own time. In addition, there are other programs that are computer based that can be very helpful. Keep track of which customers were interested in which brands and models, when they bought their last vehicle, and so much more through specialized software offered through sites such as DealFinder.

Call Centers

Customer Service is highly important in the world of sales. Many dealerships are turning to the development of call centers to optimize their sales, reach out to their customers, and to help dissatisfied buyers fix any problems that need attention. Service from afar allows the customer to feel in control, staying safely within their own surroundings. Another benefit to call centers is the magic of human contact. Customers are far less likely to hang up when they hear a live person on the other end, rather than an automated voice. Knowing that they are valued enough to warrant their own representative lets customers know exactly how much they mean to the business.

Whether direct mail, computer software, or call centers is your top choice of communication, DealFinder has the tools and the assistance to set businesses up with everything they need to achieve the greatest amount of success possible. Find the programs that work best for your business and watch your sales climb.


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