Cultivating Sales with an Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on April 2, 2014

[Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Generating new business and handling increased leads can be made easier through the implementation of automotive call centers. Dealerships looking to boost business and make it more effective can invest in an automotive call center, or automotive business development center (BDC). This tool is ideal for capturing sales initiatives at several different points. There are several advantages to using an automotive call center, especially when radio, newspaper and TV ads are becoming more expensive yet less helpful.

How Call Centers Help

A BDC put in place at a dealership can offer a centralized location for handling sales calls, customer follow-ups, promotional calls, e-newsletters, dealer reputation management and market pricing updates. It can also help coordinate lease returns, Internet leads, and service and parts retention marketing, preventing the need for staffing failures and ineffective practices. Boosting growth for any auto dealership, a BDC can operate from within or it can be outsourced. The automotive call center that’s right for a particular dealership will depend on the size of the business and the individual staffing needs.

Convenience and Time Savings

There are many reasons why automotive call centers are thought to help boost efficiency, namely in convenience and time savings. Most phone calls come into a dealership during regular business hours, particularly in the morning and afternoons. This is when sales associates are out on the showroom floor trying to make contacts, sell cars and negotiate deals. They usually don’t have the time to break their momentum to answer a phone call, even though the customer on the other end of the line is an important point of contact as well. That’s where a BDC can step in and take over, bridging the gap between the two and helping to increase appointments, sales and customer retention.

Advisors and sales associates will have more time to provide customers in the physical dealership at that moment with the one-on-one attention it takes to close a sale. Reducing time-consuming phone calls to concentrate on customers in front of them is a key part of the automotive call center. One of the biggest advantages to having a BDC in this day and age is the ability for this centralized call center to sift through the enormous amount of sales leads that comes in via the website. As some dealerships are cutting out the BDC in lieu of relying solely on web and Internet leads to get them the sales they need, the purpose of an automotive call center is to better handle those virtual demands, alleviating the pressure on sales people. Many dealerships don’t want to alienate their regular sales staff and prevent them from learning vital Internet sales techniques. The automotive call center is to be a source of increased accountability and a valuable tool to request, manage and save customer feedback.



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