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Posted by Deal Finder on August 28, 2013

[Posted August 28th 2013 by Keith Shetterly]

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What makes Deal Finder Live a leader in equity marketing and car dealership software? Car dealers who use Deal Finder Live develop new ways of identifying and communicating with customers and gaining potential sales leads that work more smoothly for those involved. Instead of cold-calling hundreds of people per day, dealerships are able to leverage equity marketing opportunities with Deal Finder Live.

Why Should Dealers Be Concerned with Equity Position Sales Management?

Equity marketing refers sales to customers who have already bought at least one vehicle from the dealership. The concept is that clients who have already purchased a vehicle will be more eager than first-time clients to make a purchase. Equity sales, then, should be easier to make than many other types of automotive sales. However, many dealerships find that they are missing out on equity sales customers, particularly now that these customers can go on the internet and find another dealer from the convenience of their own home.

Deal Finder Live helps dealerships leverage the power of equity marketing. This can be done by collating all information about previous dealership sales and sorting it according to certain criteria. For example, some sales groups choose to target those who have bought a vehicle within four years. This allows them to take pursue a customer who may be beginning to think about trading in their vehicles or looking to purchase a secondary vehicle. Sales teams may complete this targeted marketing through multiple channels such as Internet classifieds, email campaigns, phone calls and other forms of communication. They may also need the ability to sort completed contacts based on a rating scale as to their probability of buying, whether further contact is necessary or other criteria.

Deal Finder Live can help dealerships sort and categorize equity leads and keep track of exactly how and when potential customers are contacted. This allows anyone to see, at a glance, what has been done to the client database and how much work is left to do. It also helps sales teams organize their forces and reach all of the contacts quickly and in a professional manner.

How Does Deal Finder Live Increase Sales?

Equity and other sales leads are easy to manage with Deal Finder Live. With 18 years of automotive marketing experience, Deal Finder Live can help dealers with multi-channel marketing, including scheduling showroom sales appointments for maximum efficiency.

Dealerships that use Deal Finder Live have found that they experience 70 percent higher customer contact rate than average dealerships and have a 65 percent average survey completion rate as well as ten times more appointments than dealerships that use only direct marketing contacts such as mailers.

For the very best in equity marketing and other forms of sales lead generation, Deal Finder Live can help dealers gain control over their sales management. Deal Finder Live is an easy-to-use program that ensures that all sales leads are utilized for maximum sales effect in any type of automotive market.


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