How Has Dealership Marketing Evolved In the 21st Century?

Posted by Deal Finder on April 16, 2014

[Posted April 16th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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There is simply no going back to the days before computers, smart phones and other devices changed the way everything is done, including car dealership marketing and sales. Fortunately, many technologically advanced marketing tools are also easy to use and allow dealerships to change the way they perform tasks better with a very shallow learning curve for employees.

How Can Marketing Software Influence My Business Positively?

Dealership marketing tools have many advantages for dealerships when it comes to increasing profits and making work easier for the sales staff so that they can work more productively. These benefits include:

  • Creating sales opportunities with no extra cost. Television and radio ads can be very expensive. Even if these methods prove to have a beneficial effect on sales, the cost may outweigh the increase in profit. Technologically-advanced marketing strategies such as using a call center for cold-calling and customer inquiries and using email blasts to targeted demographic groups to generate sales leads, can be much more cost-effective than old marketing methods.
  • Comprehensive platforms. Good software provides a comprehensive platform that takes into account every aspect of sales. With features that allow dealers to assign sales tasks, monitor progress and manage work remotely over a large sales staff, these platforms allow managers and owners to get far more accomplished in a short time. They also allow the sales staff to get more done more effectively by offering help in every aspect of their jobs.
  • Many available features. Good marketing software does not only help the sales staff do its job but integrates tasks from every person who works for a dealership. With features that address every job and every need, marketing software can help the sale staff in ways they never realized were possible.

Are Marketing Software Programs Difficult To Use?

If a dealer chooses the right marketing software and backs it up with the right training, every employee will be proficient at using the software in no time at all. However, in order to be sure that the technology is easy for everyone to use, it is important for dealers to do two things:

  • Mandate training. Training on software cannot be optional if dealers are going to implement it across the entire dealership. In order to use marketing software effectively, dealers must mandate that employees receive training and follow up if necessary with classes offered by qualified professionals.
  • Mandate usage. While it may be difficult at first for everyone to use marketing software, it becomes easier with practice even for those who are not technologically savvy. Therefore, dealers actually help employees become more proficient users of technology more quickly by mandating that programs are used to their full capacity.

Choosing easy-to-use software can never be done in a vacuum. One important component of choosing software that is simple to use is including input from the very employees who will be using it. A trial period is often a great idea for technology leaders in a dealership to have a chance to try out the software and then lead the rest of the employees in learning to use it successfully.



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