How Can Various Dealership Marketing Strategies Improve Sales?

Posted by Deal Finder on November 20, 2013

[Posted November 20th, 2013 by Keith Shetterly]

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Good dealership marketing strategies reach out to every type of customer to ensure that the dealer has the strongest possible sales basis. Deal Finder Live offers several types of marketing strategies to help dealers reach the largest number of potential customers possible.

Equity DealFinder

With the diversified dealership marketing strategies available through Deal Finder Live, dealerships can target all major customer bases easily. The Equity DealFinder, for example, targets a dealership’s current customer base. It looks at ways to create new sales opportunities through buyback programs which not only allows for the sale of new vehicles, but replenishes the quality used car stock, as well.

Equity DealFinder uses multi-channel marketing to deliver these sales opportunities to the dealership’s staff. Current customers can become loyal fans of the dealership if equity sales are handled well, and Equity DealFinder helps sales staff use the right message and locate potential new opportunities with existing loyal customers. With the help of Equity DealFinder, customers can reduce payments or find model upgrades.

Loyalty DealFinder

Loyalty DealFinder is a fully automated marketing system that allows dealerships to find the best lease and payment options for customers. Payment information has been shown to be one of the biggest factors in enticing customers to a dealership, increasing sales by 12 percent in some cases.

Loyalty DealFinder posits a number of payment scenarios for potential customers, including:

• Equity position customers
• Lowering current payments
• Raising payments for more rapid payoff or better vehicle purchase
• Lease renewal
• Finance contract expiration

In addition to the Loyalty DealFinder module, Complete Service Integration works with these customers to target reminders for various services and products. Complete Service Integration is one of the most seamless ways to get customers to the service center and keep them returning on a regular basis.

In-Market DealFinder

The market place for cars is not what it used to be. Did you know that many customers are already on the Internet looking for great deals on vehicles? How can you find these customers and steer them to your dealership?

One way to do this is with In-Market DealFinder software. Knowing when the customer enters the shopping cycle is crucial in understanding how to market your product to them. If many of your customers are entering the sales funnel from a certain set of websites, for example, it makes good marketing sense to target your advertising budget to those locations. However, how do you find out where your customers are shopping?

In-Market DealFinder helps you do this with database profiling techniques that predict with surprising accuracy where customers are looking for car deals. Dealerships can then engage those customers on those sites with targeted advertising that allows them to create their own marketplace to draw in web customers. With critical sales information from a network of more than 10,000 automotive websites, In-Market DealFinder can alert a dealership to almost anywhere on the web customers are shopping.

DealFinder Live is one of the easiest ways to handle marketing strategy. Start learning today how DealFinder’s components can help a dealership create the perfect marketing strategies for potential as well as existing customer bases.



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