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"I have been using Showroom WatchDog from CAR-Research for over 12 years at a number of my dealerships. If I had only one product that I could recommend to you that will SELL you more cars RIGHT NOW, and make your people better at their jobs…..THIS IS IT!!! I put Showroom WatchDog in my Toyota store in River Oaks and we DOUBLED our sales. BELIEVE IT… works"–BRUCE GLASCOCK - DEALER AT TOYOTA OF RIVER OAKS

"We went from #3 to #2 in the US in Toyota sales last year, and CAR’s WatchDog product is one of the main contributors to our success. Without knowing the real WHY my customers did not buy, or what really happened on the sales floor, we are shooting in the dark when we try to get the customer back in. This product is a winner, and I can’t imagine hitting these numbers without the information we get from WatchDog interviews"–NATE MURPHY - GM AT FRED HAAS TOYOTA WORLD

"“I would not run a store without this product. I have run the 2nd largest Toyota store in America for 20 years and I would never have gotten the numbers I achieved without the information I get from my customers with Showroom WatchDog….I actually pull unsold customers out of my competitors stores and back into mine with WatchDog interviews….quite incredible”"–SHAHIN SALEHOUN - GM AT FRED HAAS NISSAN




You will be able to increase buyer traffic on your website and then turn that visit into an actual lead and potential sale. More traffic to your website, equals more vehicles sales which grows your dealership’s overall revenue.



Overcome “true” buyer objections by identifying false excuses that buyers often give. With a comprehensive and an always up-to-date database, you will have the best information available to sell more vehicles.


Vehicle Exchange

How many more vehicles could you service with more information about each vehicle? With the most robust CRM platform in the industry, now you can service as many vehicles as your staff can handle.


Service Drive

Contact more customers at the right time, using the right methods in a single easy-to-use platform. Your customers will get the personal touch that they deserve.

Increase Revenue by Marketing Your Dealership with DealFinder

Dealership marketing from DealFinder will result in generating new business for you and maintaining customer loyalty. Using our XRM integrated marketing platform, you can create additional dealership opportunities without having to increase your advertising spend. In fact, our marketing platform will help increase revenue in all of your dealership departments. This includes equity searches, high mileage and payment vehicles, high interest rate vehicles, service CP opportunities, declined OP code marketing, service penetration and retention, finance contract opportunities and more. Our automotive BDC also assists dealerships in generating new business. Call us today for more information.

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Generate Business with Dealership Marketing from DealFinder

If you want to generate business and increase revenue at your dealership, then come to DealFinder for dealership marketing. Our XRM integrated marketing platform will create opportunities without increasing the cost. It is a comprehensive platform that provides excellent ROI with many features available. Contact us today for more information.


  • September 14, 2016

    Changes you should make to your dealership marketing

    If your dealership isn’t keeping up with the latest principals of online marketing, relationship management, and BDCs, you simply do not have the tools necessary to keep up with your competitors.

    CRM and BDC

    Dealer CRM and BDC solutions do the same thing in different ways: improve the way you interact with customers. Automating what can be automated, enhancing efficiency, and maximizing the quality of customer support. Every point of contact informs your relationship with the customer; with the right CRM and BDC solution in place, you can make sure you’re sending the right messages.

    Online marketing tools

    It’s not enough to be online; you need to be using modern tools and modern equipment. That means inbound marketing, thorough usage metrics, social campaigns. You need to stay up to date—last year’s brilliance is today’s pitfall.

    Marketing automation

    While some aspects of the others qualify as marketing automation, the concept deserves independent attention. Technology has advanced immensely in recent years; with the right data sources and prep, you can send tailored marketing materials to carefully-identified market segments—without needing to do any of the hard work that once entailed.

  • June 26, 2016

    Published by 

    Tips for successful automotive marketing campaigns for car dealerships

    A recent study found that 88% of consumers begin their buying process with online research, visiting an average of five unique retailers before making a purchase. Improving your dealership website and automotive marketing campaign can help you better stand out from the competition.

    Here are some tips for online dealership marketing:

    • Add that Human Touch.  Use an automotive dealer CRM to add a personalized message that makes e-mails sound as if there is a considerate dealer representative writing them. Email users are inundated with mass automated messages as it is. Ensure yours have that personalized tone that connects with guests.
    • Good Design Matters.  Good website and email design makes a big difference in how receptive customers are to your brand. Invest the resources in ensuring that your email template matches your overall branding for a consistent message.
    • Be Frequent and Relevant.  A lone blog post or solitary email isn’t going to cut it. Effective dealership marketing is about the long game; you want your customers to always have updated information about your dealership and the automotive industry. Send relevant updates and timely thank-yous to the guests that have visited your website or dealership onsite. Additionally, update your blog with quality posts so that when consumers do begin their online search, yours is the first informative resource they come across.
  • February 14, 2016

    Published by 

    To run a successful car dealership, it’s imperative to have a sound dealership marketing strategy. However, the nexus of a successful campaign may vary by dealership. For instance, some dealerships may focus on drawing in new business and clients through raffles and contests, while other, more specialized dealership (such as those dealing in the high-end luxury market) may focus more on reaching out and sustaining relationships with former clients for future business.

    For whatever your core constituent is, here are a few tips your dealership should consider to craft a successful automotive marketing campaign:

    • Keep social media pages relevant and up-to-date.  Focus on promoting fresh quality content on the most popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will both ensure visitors that business is good and that you care about starting and engaging conversations with customers.
    • Use surveys to gather information and tailor future messaging.  Your primary audiences can change over time, and so it’s important to stay up-to-date with what they want. Use online surveys to gain pertinent customer feedback to learn more about visitors, analyze how they view current campaigns, and improve upon what both is working and what is not.
    • Create videos and other dynamic media.  Videos and dynamic media, such as infographics, are arguably the most engaging things a dealership can put up on their website and share across various social media avenues. Auto-oriented videos are engaging, and interesting to customers and enable dealerships to provide key information about their dealership, such as special sales and the new incoming models. This type of content can also be easily shared.
  • October 12, 2015

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    The economy is in upswing and that means cars are selling again. However, to survive and thrive in this economic environment it's imperative to enact creative dealership marketing. Here are a few effective tips to propel your marketing to new heights:

    • Have a core message.  And ideally it should focus on your used inventory, promotions, and other big cost savings as central messaging. Gone are the days of the gas-guzzling Hummers, consumers today are much more cost-conscious both on upfront and lifetime prices. Focus promotional messaging on ways that auto-buyers will save money.
    • Introduce email marketing.  When prospects visit your dealership or website, encourage them to sign up for an email list. You might offer a free oil change or other small offer in exchange. Then, develop a good email marketing program with autoresponders. For instance, if they've expressed interest in a model, set up a customized email series that details car advantages, special deals, ownership tips, etc. in engaging bite-size chunks.
    • Encourage leaving online reviews. Car buyers are much more likely to drive farther to work with a dealership that has a plethora of positive online reviews. Your current customers are the best way to market to your future customers. After every car sale, ask the car buyer whether it was a positive experience and encourage them to share via online review sites and social media. Make your Facebook easily accessible for them to "Like" and share your page with their own social circles. This is the most cost-efficient and often the most effective way to market your dealership.