Your Dealership is Only as Strong as Your Automotive BDC

Posted by Deal Finder on October 23, 2013

[Posted October 23rd by Keith Shetterly]

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In the past, it was believed that in order to be successful in the automotive business all you had to do was build a building. As the years went by and owners began realizing the need to draw in new prospects another belief was upheld, that one business could benefit from the advertisements of other dealerships. Today the dynamic has change. The days of opening the doors with customers waiting for the new models are over. Incorporating automotive BDC into your dealership will increase sales and bring your dealership in the 21st century. How Automotive BDC Works Having an automotive Business Development Center or automotive BDC is critical to the success of any modern dealership. Managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments and maintaining a fully functional floor plan is just the beginning. Automotive BDC can maintain all facets of the dealership and keep them in communication with one another in order to create a fluid and more succinct sales experience for both staff and client. Rather than customers dreading the car buying or leasing experience, with automotive BDC, the time spent at the dealership can become organized and even enjoyable. Predictive Sales Years ago it was believed that the salesperson had all of the advantages because the selling process was performed several times each day. The present day, however, has proven that customers now have the upper hand with much of the vehicle information being available online. Customers can perform their own research rather than visiting a dealership to browse vehicles. In this instance, the sales staff must be trained in Internet sales trends. Automotive BDC grows a dealership when it knows more than what the client knows. When a customer’s needs are predicted before they step foot on the showroom floor, they will be more likely to seek out the experience of visiting a dealership to gain knowledge regarding specific models rather than doing preliminary research online. Communication is Key Automotive BDC serves to sync the entire dealership together in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction. This software will educate the sales staff while assisting the marketing team on the latest trends based on the sales of the dealership. Automotive BDC is successful in generating leads and follow-up. This aspect of the software can bring in new clients while retaining loyal customers who will require vehicle maintenance and may want to purchase additional cars. This is done by highly effective marketing techniques that use communication with customers to create a streamlined and personalized dialogue between dealer and customer that leads to increased sales based on the client’s specific needs and wants. The bottom line is that the Automotive BDC software works when the whole system is implemented. When the entire dealership operates as a single entity rather than separate departments with a common goal, sales will be increased and customers will leave satisfied. They even begin to seek out dealership rather than conducting their own research online. Automotive BDC serves to gauge the customer’s needs and use those needs to increase profit for the dealership.


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