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Posted by Deal Finder on December 12, 2013

[Posted December 12th,  2013 by Keith Shetterly]

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Car dealers are facing an uphill battle on multiple fronts. They need to appeal to customers who are interested in the car brands they carry, and they have to compete with other dealers for those customers. Individuals tend to shop around before making big purchase like a car, so it’s vital for dealers to attract customers who visit the dealer online, and it’s even more important to entice customers to make a purchase without making them feel pressured. All of this can be difficult to accomplish, but automotive BDC makes it easier for dealers to be successful.

Bring in Traffic from the Website

When people start their search for a car, it usually begins by looking at what’s out on the road. By the time they turn on the computer and open a search engine, they have a rough idea of whether they want a crossover, SUV, sedan or something else. They may even have a brand in mind. As they start searching, various dealers, car reviews and manufacturer information will appear. With the right software, a dealer’s rankings within the search engines will naturally increase, so customers are more likely to land on a dealer’s page in their local area. As traffic increases on the website, the software and help turn that traffic into actual visits and potential sales. The Internet is a powerful tool in most retail industries, and automotive BDC software can help dealers make the most of it.

Overcoming Objections

Buyers are looking at a major investment, and they want to make sure they’re ready for it. Even when they’re standing in the showroom dreaming about driving off in a new car, they’re still going to have objections. The BDC software helps sales teams overcome these objections by providing them with all the important information they need regarding model information, inventory, financing deals and other solutions.

Maximize Trade-Ins

Some people trade in cars every three years, while others wait until their cars have higher mileage. However, other people simply wait for the right opportunity to come along. With BDC software, dealers can keep in touch with former customers and ensure that they’re informed about the available opportunities. When a dealer sees that a particular make and model is in high demand on the used market, they can contact current owners and make an unsolicited offer for their existing car. Those people who have been thinking about trading in will respond to the ad by visiting the dealer, and that boost sales on both the used and new car sales areas.

More Service Equals Greater Profits

The service center is a high profit area for most dealers, but it’s sorely underutilized in too many cases. BDC software allows dealers to keep in touch with previous owners and present them with incentives to bring cars in for oil changes, tune-ups and other services. This not only boosts the profit levels in the service area, but it also increases traffic to the dealer and can lead to more trade-ins.

BDC software is becoming one of the most popular tools among car dealers. Companies recognize the value of this product and are seeing growing profit levels as a result. The software tools help drive traffic, give the sales staff the tools they need to close sales, and can lead to more trade-ins and service work. All of this helps the dealer become more secure and profitable.



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