Increase Month over Month Sales Volume with Equity Position Management

Target your current customer base with a fantastic value proposition to create new sales initiatives for your dealership. One of the easiest opportunities to engage for your vehicle buyback program are those in a positive equity position. Gain quality used car inventory while delivering the customer to their new vehicle while increasing revenue on the Service Drive!

Equity DealFinder delivers previously unrealized database opportunities to your dealership through multi-channel marketing. These opportunities are generated from highly-qualified, equity customers waiting to be contacted with the right message. Increase retention by turning aged one time buyers into lifetime customers while helping others to reduce payments or get new model upgrades.

Our DealCenter BDC delivers proven results through time tested methods:

  • 18 Years of Automotive BDC Experience
  • Multi Channel Marketing
  • Showroom Sales Appointments
  • 70% Higher Customer Contact Rate than Average Dealerships
  • 65% Average Survey Completion Rate
  • Ten Times More Appointments from Direct Mail Alone


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