Equity Marketing Works for You and Your Dealership

Posted by Deal Finder on March 10, 2014

[Posted March 10th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Equity marketing provides your car dealership with a way to attract more buyers and sell more cars. It provides your dealership with a host of services that work together to improve sales results and convert more opportunities. If you feel that your bottom line is being consistently missed and the old methods for reaching your target car buying audience are not working, you need to consider the benefits of equity marketing and working with a results oriented marketing partner like DealFinder.

Creating a partnership with DealFinder for your equity marketing needs helps you bring value to the dollars you spend advertising your dealership, and can help you find proven markets to improve your sales results.

What is Equity Marketing?

Equity marketing is a tool that helps your car dealership find more business. In addition to generating marketing opportunities through different advertising channels, it can also help you with managing your customer relationships in order to increase customer loyalty and increase sales opportunities. As an owner of a car dealership you understand the important value of creating and maintaining customer relationships. Customers are the essence of your business and represent one of your most important resources. Equity marketing helps you manage sales data and use this information in order to find customers, sell cars, manage your customer relationships and improve the customer experience necessary to turn initial buyers into repeat customers.

How Can Equity Marketing Work for Your Dealership?

When you fail to properly manage customer relationships, your business suffers as a result. Equity marketing can help you build loyalty through targeted communications and broadcasts that create interest and help you maintain the attention of your existing customer base. The services available through DealFinder’s equity marketing platform include internet based solutions for prospecting and selling; a database that can be used to manage customer objections; a vehicle exchange component and service drive for contacting customers; and scheduling appointments for vehicle service.

All of these services rolled together in a comprehensive package are designed to give your dealership the competitive edge. All of these functions handled across several service areas within your dealership (i.e. sales, sales support and customer service, repair and parts department) can be centralized and streamlined in order to deliver a higher level of service and retain your customers.

Working with a Proven Leader in Equity Marketing

DealFinder is in the business of providing a full business development center (BDC) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in its equity marketing platform. The company understands the importance of managing relationships and provides products and services that help you and your dealership take advantage of the data you hold in order to increase your profitability. Customer creation and retention are important to your dealership and having automated solutions available help you make this function more efficient and cost effective for your business.


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