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  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Generates Business
  • Identifies Dealership Assets
  • Improves Dealership Experience

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DealFinder can Bring You More Business with our Marketing Tools

DealFinder offers equity marketing as a tool for dealerships to use in order to generate more business and maintain customer loyalty. Dealers are always looking for less expensive and more effective ways to advertise. With our marketing tools, you can reach those that may have just come in to look, but did not complete a purchase. Our automotive BDC aims to recognize a dealer’s assets, maximize revenue-generating opportunities through sales initiatives, and build up customer loyalty. Overall, it will create a better, more improved experience for your customers. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing tools.

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Equity Marketing from DealFinder Brings in More Business

DealFinder offers equity marketing as a tool for dealerships to use in order to generate more business and maintain customer loyalty. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing tools.

Increasing Your Auto Dealership Business and Brand Equity by Marketing

  • November 28, 2016

    Equity marketing: More important than ever

    Building brand equity may be a long-standing principal for effective marketing, but never before has marketing focused on the development of that equity been as important as it is today. With each passing year, the tools available to consumers allow them to become more informed and share opinions faster than ever. That means a brand building trust and relationships can thrive—and one betraying expectations can collapse overnight. Consider these two points:

    Smarter gatekeepers. When customers come to your business through Google, or Facebook, they’re arriving because the complex algorithms under the hood at those search engines and social sites indicated your site would be worthwhile. In days past, one might game the system—but the gatekeepers are wiser with each passing day. Equity marketing is a simple way to build a business that appeals to consumers and keeps the gatekeepers happily sending you traffic.

    Faster word of mouth. A customer can stand in the aisle at a brick-and-mortar store and use their cell phone to read every scathing review ever written on Amazon or Google+. A bad customer experience can burn like wildfire across social media, going global in minutes.

  • September 30th, 2016

    The Versatility of Equity Marketing

    If you’re still on the fence about adopting the principles and tools of equity marketing for your business or organization, it’s important to realize the sheer versatility of brand equity in empowering other aspects of your business. Where other endeavors might lose value as markets shift, equity marketing produces something which will always hold value—consumer trust.

    For example, the brand equity produced from this type of marketing can allow a business to survive through rough patches in the industry in a way a brand without that level of consumer buy-in cannot. Whether it’s economic downturn, a competitor beating you to the market with a new feature, or any other issue which might start a downward spiral for another company, brand equity can be leveraged to minimize the impact.

    Equity marketing also allows you adjust models for greater profits with a greater degree of safety. If you feel you’re reaching the maximum breadth possible for your market, you can start increasing prices or upselling additional products much more safely with proper brand equity.

  • August 16, 2016

    How Can an Auto Dealer CRM Help Dealerships Take Advantage of Equity Marketing Opportunities?

    Finding the right auto dealer CRM is key to helping dealerships take advantage of equity marketing opportunities. A robust CRM enables dealers to do more with strategized marketing techniques that are designed to reach a greater customer base. That’s because the goal of equity marketing is to find ready-made audiences for more effective sales pitches.

    For instance, an auto dealer CRM enables a dealership to create instant customer groupings that allow sales staff to more efficiently sort through their potential leads with a touch of the button. Sales staff can then use this information to create targeted marketing for niche demographic and/or geographic groups. Maybe your ideal consumer for a given make or model is an outdoorsy dog-owner or suburban, blue-collar buyer. In either case, crafting your marketing approach to appeal to those individuals will improve your dealership’s success and position as a brand leader.

    Dealerships can also use an auto dealer CRM to take advantage of equity marketing opportunities by using its cross-checking customer facets. This technique allows staff members to combine customers who do or don’t own specific models and follow up with better, more targetted marketing aimed at their interests to improve after-sale penetration and return sales.

  • February 26, 2016

    Published  by  Deal Finder

    If you’re looking to increase your auto dealership business and better shape your brand, then it’s time to think about equity marketing and hitting the touch points that really impact consumers. This means that, while traditional advertising is still important, it’s time to think broader to establish your brand in the consumer’s mind.

    • Going social.  More shoppers than ever are turning to their broader online social networks and reputable review sites for suggestions on what dealer and which mechanic they should go to. That’s because online communities are easy to access and quickly allow a diverse range of input. Your aim with marketing should be to tap into these markets and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable brand.
    • Target your market.  Don’t try to appeal to every buyer. Throwing too big a net and watering down your brand identity so as to please everyone will only lower your appeal. Instead, research what your ideal consumer is, maybe it’s outdoorsy pet-owners or luxury white collar buyers, then frame your marketing approach and craft your brand to hit those individuals with targeted marketing.
    • A key point to remember in marketing is that people are the keystone. When you pick up a menu in a restaurant, what captures your attention first; the price or the tantalizing photos and descriptions?Crafting a social marketing strategy that targets your market centers upon pushing the most appealing content and images that’ll grab a person’s attention and make them yell, ‘I want that!’ Such marketing should follow up with solid customer service with the goal not of selling, but rather of building strong customer relationships that increase your social network and digital reach.
  • November 14, 2015

    Published  by  Deal Finder

    The landscape for automotive dealers is changing. While traditional advertising still matters, many shoppers are using their social networks and review sites for help in choosing which dealer best suits them. Millennials and others under age 30 tend to be more cynical buyers who look at more than just a price point when determining who ‘earns’ their business.

    These emerging trends are what make equity marketing so important. Equity marketing is the process of determining shoppers who invest in brands or products and then using targeted marketing to reach out to that audience within your customer base.

    The Benefits of Equity Marketing

    • Raises the reputation of your dealership in your local (and sometimes even regional) community
    • Raises your dealership to the top pick list in the targeted shopper’s mind
    • Makes advocates out of your past customers who then go out to generate positive referrals and reviews
    • Crafts genuine, engaging content that’s applicable to social marketing campaigns
    • Increases employee engagement, overall satisfaction, and retention

    Think of it this way: Every business makes a mission statement (with so few really adhering to it), but equity marketing is about making that mission statement more concise and directed towards an ideal audience. By then targeting that ideal audience, you focus on quality over quantity. That higher quality garners greater attention which then drives in higher quantities.

    And while equity marketing has been around since the beginning, it’s only with new CRM software tools that dealerships have been able to really tap into the possibilities. Using updated CRM tools, dealers can take full advantage of equity marketing techniques and identify key shoppers most likely to both purchase a new vehicle and generate further leads.

  • October 6, 2015

    Published  by  Deal Finder

    What is Equity Marketing?

    Equity marketing can help you increase the success of your auto dealership by helping showcase the value of vehicle brands. Customers associate the manufacturers’ names with your dealership, creating a perceived value based on the name. This type of marketing relies on establishing customer relationships and understanding how different segments of the population have unique associations with the brands.

    Bumping Up Profits

    Switching to an equity marketing state of business makes you realize that the best cars to have on the lot are the most well-known. By understanding equity marketing, you and your sales team will be more adept at reaching out to niche markets who identify with a certain brand for a unique, specific reason.

    Branding and Your Dealership

    While manufacturers (and society itself) do the lion’s share of the branding process for vehicles, it’s still up to you to both brand your auto dealership and understand the customer’s goals with different vehicle brands. The sales team should know the brand ideal of each make and model vehicle they have on the lot so that they known the right attitude and procedures to attract the right customers and lead them down the sales funnel.

    For instance, Kia’s Soul made the rounds when it first came out as the top vehicle for dog owners. A good sales person would emphasize the sportiness of the model’s exterior and the huge, easy-to-clean cargo space.