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Posted by Deal Finder on September 25, 2013

[Posted September 25th by Keith Shetterly]

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Dealership marketing is tougher than ever with the advent of the Internet. Even though the web offers greater opportunities to reach potential customers, it also offers your competitors the same opportunities. Today’s car buyer does not assume that he or she will buy close to home; in fact, some buyers travel from state to state looking for great deals on cars. It is critical that your marketing campaign focus not only on the buyer down the road but also on the buyer on the web.

DealFinder¬†offers dealership marketing techniques and software that will result in new business for your dealership as well as maintain current customer loyalty. The XRM integrated marketing platform available as part of DealFinder’s package allows for increased dealership marketing opportunities without increasing marketing budgets.

How Can DealFinder Help A Dealership’s Marketing Strategy?

DealFinder offers a variety of programs that can increase the revenue in every department of a dealership. With the help of DealFinder’s marketing platform, dealers can monitor the productivity of every department and area of a dealership quickly and easily and apply proven marketing strategies to increase revenue in those that are not performing as expected.

With the help of DealFinder, dealers will have the tools to understand how every facet of the dealership is working together and where the focus should be to increase sales, reward productivity and enhance marketing campaigns.

What Areas of a Dealership Does DealFinder Monitor?

DealFinder uses an XRM integrated marketing platform that can compare data from all areas of a dealership. This allows dealers to integrate all of their departments into one seamless marketing strategy. Dealers can monitor the progress of:

Equity Searches

The ability to perform equity searches gives sales people a ready-made target group made up of those who have purchased in the past and may be ready for a new vehicle.

Payment Vehicles and High Interest Rate Vehicles

No one likes payments and high interest rates, so targeting these groups to lower interest, payments or both can often yield bountiful sales opportunities.

Service CP Opportunities and Declined Op Code Marketing

When someone comes in to have a vehicle serviced, he or she often makes a decision about a new vehicle based on the outcome of the service call. If the service is going to be too expensive and the vehicle is too old, the customer may be ripe to buy a new one. Declined services can be a great trigger for sales leads.

Service Penetration and Retention

Service can penetrate many markets, including those who do not currently own the dealership’s brand of vehicle. Finding and retaining these customers, both as service customers and as potential future buyers, is very important, and DealFinder software makes it possible to do so.

A call center or business development center can also be a great way to take care of customer concerns as well as schedule service and even promote sales.

With the help of DealFinder, dealers can quickly increase their market share and ensure that their marketing campaigns are producing top revenues.


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