How High Does Your Automotive CSI Need To Be?

Posted by Deal Finder on March 12, 2014

[Posted March 12th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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If you are not already measuring your automotive CSI, or customer satisfaction index, on a regular basis, you should be. It is important for you to know what your customers think and avoid problems before they start, if possible. CSI scores are also a great way to track your progress over time in building a loyal customer base and identify downward trends while there is still time to reverse them.

Deal Center Virtual BDC offers an easy way to track and manage your automotive CSI data and take control of your reputation with Automated Customer Management software.

What Is CSI?

Customer satisfaction index is a score that has been around for some time, but few dealers know that they can use it themselves to track customer relationships. Measuring CSI can be done in many ways, but it is important that any CSI system take into account important factors in customer relations with a dealership, such as:

Effectiveness of Sales Methods

How effective are your advertising campaigns and sales pitches? You can measure this by the number of customers who actually purchase vehicles, but sometimes it is helpful to know what opinions customers had of your campaigns as well. This can help you see the deeper levels of the effects of your advertising efforts.

Benchmarks against Competitors

Alignment of internal management with leadership functions is important to measure customers’ perceptions of your leadership against the expressed goals of your company. This will help your dealership thrive against the competition. Using your sector-specific KPIs, a good CSI program can help you make sense of where you stand in relation to the competition.
Identify Gaps in Service

If there are areas where your dealership is falling short, you may never know unless your customers tell you. You can obtain a better picture of what is happening in your dealership with a good CSI program. This will also help your dealership identify future paths of growth. One important function of measuring your customers’ experiences is helping you plan for the future. As you make staffing decisions as well as choices about how to approach future sales, it is helpful to have information about what former customers think.
The bottom line of any CSI program is to give you a picture of what your customers experienced when they came to your dealership.

What Does CSI Measure?

It is important that your CSI program measure the right areas. At a minimum, a good CSI program must measure your customer’s perceptions of the quality and efficiency of your service, prices and costs, the helpfulness of your staff and the overall experience of visiting your dealership.

Deal Center Virtual BDC has been offering dealer-level CSI and Reputation Management Solutions for 18 years. Combined Live Agent Calls and Electronic CSI management allow you to create customized surveys and responses tailored to your particular dealership. Concern resolution logs allow you to handle any issues immediately so that unhappy customers are dealt with in a timely and effective manner. With Deal Center Virtual BDC you can keep your customers satisfied and use real data to make sound customer service decisions.



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