Internet Behavioral Marketing

Knowing is ½ the battle? In this case knowing when your customers are entering into the shopping cycle before your competition is a decisive win in today’s marketing world. We give you the ability to protect your Blue Sky by notifying you when it’s in Jeopardy giving you a key competitive advantage to success.

Big Data integration and database profiling techniques are allowing dealerships to get “in front” of the consumers sales cycle. Engaging these customers with opportunity specific information is a driving force in increasing sales retention! Dealers are able to create their own Marketplace and protect their vital Blue Sky!

This powerful system gives you critical sales information from a Network of 10,000 Automotive websites. In addition to your own dealership websites, our alerts monitor all of the top Merchandising sites, OEM sites, 3rd party lead sites, and national listing services.

  • Real Time Website Tracking Alerts
  • Search Engine Key Word Tracking
  • Referral Entrance Path Information (SEM / SEO)
  • Inventory Viewed Information
  • Inventory Pricing Information
  • Aggregated Recommended Vehicle
  • Additional Shopping Channels
  • Time In Market


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