Increase Your Sales with an Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on August 7, 2013

[Posted August 7th by Keith Shetterly]

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An automotive call center was once located on-site in dealerships to allow car salesmen to pursue local leads. However, today’s automotive call center is more likely to be centrally located and to handle thousands of calls regarding warranties and service issues as well as sales leads.

As the Internet, mobile devices and social media use become more prevalent, the term “call center” is becoming more flexible. Call centers may actually handle emails, texts and responses through social platforms as well as actual telephone calls. It is important that call center staff as well as regular dealership sales staff are versatile enough to work in several types of media, but the rewards for learning these skills are great. An automotive call center can generate leads and improve sales figures across the board when communications are handled correctly.

How Do Call Centers Improve Leads and Sales?

Call centers have dedicated personnel who do nothing but handle calls and other communications, so these professionals are not distracted by other job duties as regular floor sales people can be. The nature of a call center allows employees to focus on communicating with a large group of potential customers through phone calls, leaving dealership sales people to deal with other forms of direct communication with potential customers.

Many car dealerships employ call centers or “business development centers” for the express purpose of handling customer service. However, these dealerships may miss an important aspect of call centers: since customers are already communicating with the people at the call center, this is a perfect opportunity to generate sales leads and to push out information that may turn callers into new customers.

Utilizing Social Media and Email

Today’s car sales person is inundated with options for car sales, including sales leads from web sites and social media. While this may seem to make the call center less important, it actually has the opposite effect. Call centers can take up a great deal of the day-to-day call work and can free up sales personnel to pursue leads.

However, this is not the only purpose of a call center or the only way it should be used. Call center personnel can also be given instructions to forward all types of leads to sales people for follow up in the most effective ways possible. For example, sales people may push out a social media ad campaign that generates a large volume of emails. Call center employees can organize these emails, send them out to sales people and help these sales professionals follow up quickly on generated leads.

It is very important for there to be clear communication between a dealership and the call center it employees about the roles and responsibilities at each location. Call center employees and sales personnel can work together to generate and follow up on sales leads for the benefit of both groups of employees.

Call centers can help sales personnel organize leads and complete sales by managing large amounts of information from various sources. With the help of a call center, car sales leads can be increased and developed quickly for dealerships.



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