Internet WatchDog

Dealerships rely on internet leads to be a substantial part of today’s business. The problem most dealers face is that they are not getting maximum efficiency out of their internet department. Today’s average dealer closes about 10% of their total number of internet leads. While this number may be acceptable to some, a 90% “miss rate” is a staggering amount of business left un-sold.

Our program focuses on turning your internet department into the most productive area of your dealership. Sales personnel are great at converting the “low hanging fruit” sales opportunities, but most dealers would agree their strength is not in long term follow up. This is where our solution can augment the efforts of your staff and help your dealership increase customer contact percentages and appointments off of those illusive internet sources.

Some of the benefits of our system are:

  • Customizable programs that fit any follow up process
  • Increased conversion on aged leads you have already paid for
  • Qualified sales appointments scheduled for your dealership
  • Virtual guest sheet reporting of detailed customer expectations
  • High customer contact percentages status your leads for time-in-market
  • Configurable sales scripts to brand your dealership
  • Extensive reporting for all call & lead types


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