The New Keys to Effective Dealership BDC

Posted by Deal Finder on October 9, 2013

[Posted October 9th by Keith Shetterly]

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Business development centers or BDCs have become common among car dealers. A modern dealership BDC is used to enhance dealership sales through four means: attracting new customers, enabling sales people to work more productively, aligning the service department with the dealership’s other areas and retaining loyal customers who become return purchasers.

BDCs Help Dealerships Attract Customers

A business development center helps a dealership attract new customers and deal with campaigns that target likely candidates. Dealership BDC software can evaluate potential customers instantly from one of several metrics. High-impact marketing pieces are a great way to attract potential buyers, and a BDC can manage mass mailings or outreach contacts based on consumer metric analysis.

However, BDCs do not simply generate impersonal mass marketing materials. Live support through a call center offers the human touch to those who are interested in quality vehicles or have questions about particular cars.

BDCs Help Dealerships Sell Vehicles

BDCs also help sales personnel manage sales leads to maximize potential. With sales leads coming in from so many different areas, it is helpful to have a single unified way of dealing with the influx of information. A BDC not only organizes all potential sales information into a simple and easy-to-use format but also tracks dozens of metrics so that salespeople have data readily available at any time.

By delivering strong customer support and attractive advertising, BDCs draw in and organize customers to maximize sales potential.

BDCs Help Dealerships Combine Service with Sales

While BDCs are wonderful at developing strong sales relationships with customers, what keeps them happy is service. When a customer knows he or she can contact the dealership and instantly receive friendly, cost-effective service that customer is likely to return time and time again to the dealership anytime he or she needs a new vehicle.

BDCs help the service department manage inventory, schedule repairs and find information for customers on warranties and service schedules. With customers holding on to cars longer than in the past, having a vital service sector is key to retaining customer loyalty.

BDCs Help Dealerships Retain Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty is not simply due to great service. It is a combination of several factors, including initial buying experience, new vehicle allure, overall satisfaction with the brand and ease and cost of service. BDCs can help dealerships retain their loyal customers by streamlining the buying and the service process for both the dealership and its customers.

Furthermore, a BDC can be invaluable in supplying the “little things” that fine-tune customer loyalty. For example, if a customer knows that he or she can pick up the phone or go on the Internet and get an immediate answer to a question, that customer is more likely to be satisfied than one who has to spend an hour searching for information or waiting on hold. A satisfied customer is more likely to return for a new vehicle in the future than a dissatisfied customer.

BDCs can create a very favorable landscape for a car dealership. With the ability to attract, convert, and retain loyal customers as well as the ability to help dealerships provide great service after the sale, BDCs are a good way for dealerships to manage the most important aspects of their relationships with their customers.



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