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Posted by Deal Finder on January 23, 2014

[Posted January 18th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Automotive direct mail is a way of marketing and advertising automobiles through direct mail. This can be done through either blanket marketing which is the process of sending a single piece of direct mail to every address in an area, or through target marketing which markets to a specific targeted database of individuals within certain income or age brackets, or other specified categories. The use of direct marketing serves to promote happenings within the dealership and increase their bottom line by bringing in both new and returning customers.

How Can A Dealership Benefit From Automotive Direct Mail?

A dealership can benefit from automotive direct mail because the advertising will be seen by the addressee. Automotive direct mail is delivered directly to a households mailbox and is personally handled, even if only briefly. The specific design of the mailer and the scope of the target marketing can affect how well the advertising campaign actually works, but the fact that the advertisement is guaranteed to at least pass through the hands of the recipient cannot be understated.

Direct Mail versus Internet Advertising

Many individuals may wonder why direct mail is still needed since the Internet is so heavily relied upon for advertising purposes. While the Internet is a great resource, not all potential customers have access to computers or Wi-Fi. Automotive direct mail is an effective way to ensure marketing for the dealership is able to reach all audiences. Even if individuals have decided to receive paperless billing, they will still need to check their physical mailbox periodically. Direct mail will ensure that those with and without Internet access will receive information pertaining to the dealership. They will be alerted to specific promotions and services offered and the information that will be delivered directly into their homes.

Target and Blanket Marketing Strategies

Automotive direct mail from in-house databases can be a great way to reach out to a warm market of referrals from satisfied customers. By keeping a catalog of previous customers, dealerships can create specified mail that targets customers who purchased their vehicle with the last 5 years and may be looking to trade-in their vehicle for a newer model, or those customers who recently purchased their vehicle and may be in need of an oil change or other service. These customers may be tempted to visit other dealerships for their vehicle needs, but with target marketing, they can be offered tailored advertisements that may persuade them to return to the original dealership where they made the initial purchase.

Blanket marketing is especially useful if the dealership is having a general sale on a variety of vehicles at a time and wants to reach as many people as possible. This strategy will spread the word regarding any general promotions and bring prospective customers into the dealership from all areas of the state.

Direct mail is still proving to be relevant and will continue to do so. Dealerships can not only promote sales, but any services and vehicle maintenance offered. It is an effective way to reach both previous and new customers.


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