Complete Dealership Equity & Trade Position Marketing Solution

Loyalty DealFinder is the industry’s most comprehensive equity and trade position marketing solution. This fully automated marketing system delivers high impact Lease and Payment offerings to your customers consistently month after month. Constant customer updates with specific payment information delivered to your entire database of customers has proven to increase sales by 12%. Going beyond those customers that are just in equity, our automated system targets all of your database customers including: Customers in Equity Positions, Lower Payment Scenarios, Higher Payment Scenarios, Lease Renewals, & Finance Contract Expiration’s.

Complete Service Integration features highly targeted reminders and follow-ups to your sales and service customers, and is designed to keep your loyal service customers coming back, while driving your sales customers to your service department. Some of our best running dealerships have seen an increase of over 80 retail units per month from making this one small addition to their Service Drive

  • Fully Automated Solution
  • Full Database Analyzation and Marketing
  • High Impact Emails with Track-able Reporting
  • Customized Direct Mail with Personalized Coupons
  • Live Agent Appointments with High Closing Percentages
  • Custom Service Drive Exchange Program
  • Overall Lift in Sales Exceeds 14% per Dealership



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