Customer Service Maximized With An Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on August 13, 2014

[Posted August 13th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Automotive dealerships are turning to the call center to streamline their operations and better compete in the industry. This way of “dealing from a distance,” helps the buyer feel safe in their car search through a blend of telephone and Internet resources. This fast and effective way of communicating gives dealers an edge in increasing their market share where it counts. Automotive call centers are back and better than ever, with a focus on non-sales specialists whose job it is to apply their targeted training to setting up appointments with customers via accuracy and speed. This frees up the sales people to do their jobs out on the showroom floor, sealing the deal so to speak.

Focus of the Call Center

While Internet and mobile phone leads are increasingly becoming more imperative in today’s auto dealings, the telephone is still king when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. The statistics speak for themselves: when a cell center professional answers the phone, the chances of a caller hanging up when on hold reduces by 26 percent, while successful appointment-making skyrockets from 29 percent to 55 percent. This shows you what a good automotive call center can really do. Dealerships who have a business development center, or automotive call center, are at about 30 percent. And that number is expected to keep growing.

Call Center Benefits

Identifying your assets as a dealership and exploring various sales initiatives are the crux of the automotive call center. Your goal should be to build customer loyalty while increasing revenue. That’s not too hard to do when you have tools, such as those developed by DealFinder, at your disposal. This type of environment allows you to keep your existing trained sales staff on the showroom floor, while a specialized set of trained staff handle the phone calls and Internet leads. These staff members can tackle all the extra stuff: equity and promotional calls, email campaigns, lease returns, service and parts retention marketing, reputation management and pricing updates, resolution management, appointment making, scheduling conflicts and much more. As a result, you’ll miss fewer opportunities, get more accurate numbers when it comes to advertising money, and be better able coordinate showroom, telephone and Internet traffic all at once.

The largest benefit to the call center, then, is a reduction in your time and hassle wasting resources where they shouldn’t be. A call center delegates responsibilities in a much more clear-cut manner, allowing specific tasks to be done by specific people so that you’re not burning out your highest sales makers on the showroom floor. Use the call center to bridge gaps in services like appointment scheduling, conflict resolution, service call routing and after-hours inquiries. Connecting the right customer with the right service or professional at the right time is the holy grail of the auto sales world. When you can make that perfect storm happen, you’re golden. Placing a high level of personalized attention for your customers through daily interactions can put you on the map when it comes to presenting a united front that boosts trust in your client base.


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