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Posted by Deal Finder on June 27, 2014

[Posted June 27th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Any dealership these days can benefit from incorporating an automotive business development center (BDC) into its operations. Why? Sure, this type of system helps to lure in more buyers, but it’s much more than that. It can also sell more vehicles, save the dealership money, build customer loyalty and increase efficient operation–when applied and managed properly. An effective automotive BDC can enhance the overall experience of your clients as well as complement your existing system with a centralized point of contact.

What does a BDC do for You?

Designed to handle sales calls and follow-ups with customers, an automotive BDC handles all these tasks and more without tapping into the pool of sales associates you already have on the floor — all of whom are busy interacting with customers all day. At its heart, a BDC can help you identify your assets as a dealership, create sales initiatives that increase revenue and grow customer loyalty. It stands to reason that increased satisfaction on the part of customers will lead to more sales and services. An automotive BDC like DealFinder can handle equity and promotional calls, email campaigns, lease returns, online leads, service and parts retention marketing, reputation management and seamless updates in market pricing, among other things. It can also boost your retail sales by 7 to 11 percent through conducting interviews as to missed opportunities, giving accurate numbers of advertising money going out and overcoming objections from customers. Build up your sales initiatives to maximize opportunities for revenue generation, and coordinate showroom, telephone and Internet traffic.

Benefits of BDC

While there are several advantages to BDCs, perhaps the largest one is the savings in time and hassle. Through sheer convenience, you can better direct and handle phone calls coming in at all business hours, and even after business hours, so that those calls go to the right person at the right time. A BDC can fill in gaps when it comes to scheduling appointments, routing service calls and generally retaining customers. If your dealership prides itself on personalized attention and a high level of service, a BDC can further help you drill down into those areas and improve even more. Attracting more customers to your showroom floor takes a lot more than sales, promotions and ads. It takes attention to detail when it comes to building loyalty from your existing customers while pulling in new ones.

Many dealerships are now working the BDC in tandem with their existing sales staff to provide a united front that not only aims to boost sales but also capture customer interest and trust. Boost your accountability, offer a forum for valuable customer feedback and provide your sales staff with a streamlined way of handling their schedules. The BDC’s benefit lies in its simplicity. By incorporating a centralized point of contact, you’re working to improve response time, increase follow-up on both sales and service requests, and boost sales opportunities all in one place.

A good BDC can set up automated schedules, create daily work plans, sort letters, generate customized call scripts, evaluate past dues and follow up with CTI as part of its direct mail services. Driving customer traffic to your sales floor will take a combination effort of your BDC and your existing sales staff to truly make an innovative impact on your bottom line. Use DealFinder to explore ways in which you can improve on your dealership’s operations today.


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