Do I Need a Dealership BDC?

Posted by Deal Finder on July 17, 2013

[Posted July 17th by Keith Shetterly]

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Auto dealer’s work with high-dollar merchandise and their customers are usually brimming with questions. People want to know what’s in stock, what features are on other cars and what their trade in is worth. Keeping track of all this information through a paper inventory system is time-consuming, and that will cost dealers sales in the competitive auto business. However, the right dealership BDC (business development center) software and technology will allow dealers to have all of those answers right at their fingertips. It will also put an infrastructure into place that improves customer service and efficiency levels amount the sales staff.

Inventory Management

With the right dealership BDC software setup, dealers can have instant access to their inventory. Sales teams can quickly pull up information regarding the vehicles that are in stock, what colors they are, what features they have and if there are any specials on them. When someone arrives looking for a specific car, they won’t have to wander the lot and search for it. The sales team can quickly provide them with the information they need and work on closing the sale.

Trade-in Information

Customers who are trading their vehicles are always going to worry about their trade-in value. They don’t want to wait for the manager to review the car and make an offer. Before they start looking at new cars, they at least want a ballpark figure regarding what can be done with their old car. With this software, the sales team can have instant access to Kelley Blue Book or even Black Book information. While they still cannot give a firm offer without having the car inspected more closely, they can at least let the customers know what their range will be. Once that challenge is addressed, they can start directing the customers to the cars they are interested in, and they can use the electronic inventory system to help them find the perfect vehicle.

Superior Customer Service

With the best software available, dealers can ensure that customers have a positive experience. The software can be extended throughout the dealership with improved phone systems, web-chat systems, predictive dialers, management software and more. All of these features will work together to create a better experience for the customers, and that leads to both referrals and repeat business. Without the right technology infrastructure, calls are missed and sale leads are lost.

Greater Efficiency and Profit Margins

The software systems that are put in place affect how effective any business runs. With these programs, businesses will enjoy greater efficiency and customer service. The software will pay for itself over time with higher sales levels and growing profit levels. Every minute that is saved through technological improvements is another minute that can be devoted to making calls, following up on leads and working with customers.

Car dealers that move into the 21st century and embrace the available technologies are generally more successful than those that rely heavily on outdated inventory and information systems. The infrastructure and software is an important investment in any auto dealer, and it will make a huge difference in how effective the sales force is. The benefits associated with these systems are great, and auto dealers will see those benefits translate to a more successful, profitable company.



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