New Options for Equity Marketing for Your Car Dealership

Posted by Deal Finder on June 24, 2014

[Posted June 24th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Dealer software and equity marketing is a critical aspect of the car sales industry has been used to improve customer service and maximize sales and profit. As much of advertising and sales make a digital transition the car sales industry’s demand for a comprehensive form of equity marketing continues to grow. Dealer software, which most commonly manages the interaction between dealers and customers or future customers, has been used to improve equity marketing, customer service, and the number of sales a dealership makes.


Dealership Software Can Increase Sales

One of the biggest and most important reasons a car dealer exists, is to make a profit. As such, the number of sales that a car dealership gets is one of the most important numbers, and one that a dealer is constantly seeking to improve. With features that handle lead management, sales and deal making, inventory management, and equity marketing, software such as that provided by DealFinder, can provide car dealerships with a greater chance of increasing their sales opportunities.


Better Customer Service

Another benefit that dealer software provides is its ability to improve upon customer service by monitoring and logging a car dealer’s showroom traffic. More than just monitoring though, the program will also call a showroom customer within 90 minutes of the customer leaving. The phone call provides the dealer with information about what type of vehicle the customer is searching for, what components most affect the purchase or lack of purchase (selection, price, etc), and what advertising drew the customer to the showroom floor in the first place. Using all of this information, dealers have the opportunity to increase the number of sales, improve their showroom, get accurate data about customer experiences, and connect with the customer in a more personal and effective way.

By organizing customer data auto dealerships can better track their sales and follow up on future contact. By having a successful customer management software suite such as CAR-Research XRM, dealers are more able to keep up with the needs of their customers. By generating leads, auto dealerships are more able to create a better relationship within their own sales floors, promoting responsibility and extend themselves beyond traditional marketing strategies.


Technical Support

An incredibly important part of a car dealership is the ability to track and manage sales, servicing records, mechanical problems, and more. By using dealer software, car dealerships will now be able to have a record of all transaction and happenings that occur within their dealership, as well as transfer the information to the appropriate department. This increased technical support streamlines the process, resulting in a more efficient way to solve problems and track data.


Types of Software

If you want to attract more clients to your showroom floor, sell more cars and decrease your number of missed opportunities, service more vehicles quickly and efficiently, retain more customers, and increase customer loyalty, it’s time to invest in dealer management software. Compare dealer CRM software to expand your equity marketing, and to get started on the road to a more productive, efficient, and profitable car dealership.


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