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CAR-Research XRM’s Keith Shetterly Presents:“Selling the Invisible Customer” at Internet Battle Plan XIV

Houston, Texas, August 7, 2013, CAR-Research XRM, the most complete, seamlessly integrated full Service and Sales CRM and Marketing Solution for auto dealers, today announced that Keith Shetterly, Vice President of Research with CAR-Research XRM, will present a workshop titled, “Selling the Invisible Customer,” at Internet Battle plan XIV, August 13-14, in Las Vegas, NV. CAR-Research XRM is also a sponsor of the two day seminar series.
Shetterly is currently Vice President of Research at CAR-Research and was previously a very successful and prominent BDC/Internet/Processes/Advertising consultant for dealerships; the eCommerce Director and Processes Trainer for a three-location, 16 franchise dealer group in Houston, Texas; and the BDC Sales and Processes Director and #1 salesperson for another Houston-based dealership. In his presentation, he will address a recent CAR-Research study of four years of call center data across nearly a thousand dealers. The study reveals shocking truths about the logging of customers and what the unsold customer really tells us.
J.D. Power states that customers are now visiting an average of no more than 1.4 dealerships before purchasing; down from 4.5 in 2005. Shetterly’s presentation will cover how dealerships today are more likely than ever before to sell a car to the fresh up. But they must be the “1” in the “1.4” and not the “0.4.”

Shetterly states: “Even if you have to follow up with a customer and get them back tomorrow or next week, you MUST be not just the FIRST dealership a customer visits…but the FIRST dealership that gives a great experience and actually LOGS them! And a logged up means nothing if there is no follow-up by the dealership. Statistics have long shown that two thirds of the people able to buy a car, but that left, WILL return to the dealership if followed up with properly. What is proper follow-up to sell these Invisible Customers? Join my presentation and find out more. I look forward to seeing you there!”

The CAR-Research ground–breaking XRM platform is a revolution in dealership CRM, communication, and database marketing that exceeds the boundaries of traditional CRM. It is a proven singular solution that helps an auto dealership run more effectively and proficiently. The web-based, comprehensive CRM solution increases revenue from sales and service, improves customer satisfaction index (CSI) and service satisfaction index (SSI), and boosts the dealership’s gross profit. A dealership can consolidate all its departments into a manageable solution that delivers value through proven processes at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Most recently the company launched Showroom WatchDog™, a powerful service that helps auto dealers sell their unsold customers.  Showroom WatchDog uses CAR-Research XRM’s USA-based call center to perform next-day phone interviews to find out why the dealer’s customers didn’t buy; what parts of the sales process got in the way of the sale; and to obtain key and unique ad sourcing data. This is powerful sales-enabling information that the dealership can get no other way. The service is CRM-agnostic and available for use by auto dealerships using most major CRM systems.


About CAR-Research XRM:

For 18 years and counting, built by car people for car people, CAR-Research XRM is the most complete, seamlessly integrated  Service and Sales CRM and Marketing Solution in the Industry: Inventory Management, Internet Lead Mgr, Showroom Control, Missed Opportunity Research Call Center, Desking with Push to DMS, BDC Software, Marketing Solution with Email-Texting-Live Calls, Complete Service BDC, DMS and Telephony Integration and more.

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