Campaigns That Find Their Target

Our high impact sales campaigns combine internet behavior tracking and database mining analytics to find the customers who have the highest probability to do business with your dealership. We evaluate all possible trade positions by analyzing equity, payment scenarios, OEM Incentives, CPO scenarios, internet shopping frequency, and service data to prioritize your profit centers.

High Impact Marketing Pieces

Delivering the “Undeniable Offer” to your customers will have them calling you to trade! We integrate all manufacture incentives & rebates and position your customer’s current vehicles against multiple inventory options. Our exclusive Cost of Ownership savings will show your service customers the best option for saving money while you save on auction fees by feeding your own CPO lot from your drive.

Live Agent Communications

18 Years of Professional BDC Services means our call center has the skills and experience to speak to your customer! Our live agent program has the ability to touch your entire customer base consistently while driving quality sales appointments to your showroom floor with greater contact rates & better sales messages.

Track-able Reporting & Metrics

Department sales increases, sales person performance metrics, and customer updates are just a few of the key metrics our system reports back to you. Better understand your sales strengths by tracking which areas are performing higher and what departments are fully engaging all of their revenue opportunities.