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Posted by Deal Finder on February 19, 2014

[Posted February 19th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Marketing tools that help you better serve your customer’s needs and make more sales are a required component of any auto dealership’s sales and marketing efforts. These tools include a customer relationship management (CRM) solution like the one provided through automotive direct mail. The marketing solution provided can help your auto dealership with customized, direct marketing campaigns designed to pique interest and drive your auto dealership sales upwards.

Knowing what automotive direct mail solutions are and how these solutions can improve your overall marketing efforts is an important to-know for all auto dealerships. This information will help you understand the importance of automotive direct mail and how it can help your auto dealership sell more cars.

What is a Direct Mail Solution?  

A direct mail solution is a blend of traditional customer management mixed with the benefits of modern or new technology. It provides your auto dealership with a way to create customized mailings targeting specific groups of existing or prospective customers. These campaigns are derived from the data you collect on your customers, their browsing or buying habits and uses this data to appeal to their wants and desires.

Taking this type of approach allows you to eliminate some of the expense and inefficiencies in your current mail campaigns. With an automotive direct mail solution in place working in tandem with your existing or planned customer relationship management solution you will be able to pinpoint and direct your marketing to those high valued prospects and come away with a greater level of success than before.

Can Automotive Direct Mail Help Improve my Marketing Campaigns?  

With automotive direct mail your direct mail campaigns will never be the same. You can send special offerings and deals to a select audience within your auto dealership’s customer pool, based on your CRM data. You can send more general mailings to gauge interest and promote certain opportunities to prospects, walk-ins, and other who have not made a car purchase from your dealership. The more customization and targeting that you can place in you direct mail campaigns will only serve to improve your response rate and your sales results.

You should understand that direct mail campaigns still remain an effective way to generate leads and business opportunities for your auto dealership. Although you may have dabbled in social media and the use of newer methods of reaching your customer base, the fact that remains that a well-planned automotive direct mail campaign can be used to target those individuals whose information, expectations and buying habits you already have information on in your existing CRM.

The Benefits Derived from Automotive Direct Mail  

The integration of an automotive direct mail campaign within your existing or planned marketing efforts will provide you with a response rate of between 10-20% and perhaps higher depending on the quality of the data in you systems. This rate is based on the success of similar campaigns where an automotive direct mail campaign was based on in-house data that only you control. This benefit is a passive one for you if you consider that the information is already available and not something you need to purchase or acquire from an outside source. Automotive direct mail maximizes the utility of the information already available to you and turns it into a sales opportunity.



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