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Posted by Deal Finder on July 24, 2013

[Posted July 24th by Keith Shetterly]


Car dealerships today are faced with many obstacles in the marketplace, and they must find an effective way to overcome those obstacles if they want to thrive and be profitable. These challenges include everything from dealing with aggressive customers who are defensive when entering the showroom floor or dealership lot to generating new leads and keeping overhead low. Dealerships that are not effective at overcoming obstacles run the risk of going out of business. While there are multiple strategies that can be adopted by car dealerships in their effort to succeed, one of the best options available may be to work with an automotive BDC (business development center) like Dealer Live. With a closer look at the services offered by Dealer Live, dealership owners and managers may discover why this is one of the best tools available today.

Understanding the Customers’ Needs and Desires
Many customers who visit a car dealership today may feel as though the dealership’s sales staff and financing department are working against them or are trying to pull the wool over their eyes in order to turn a profit. This means that many customers who may be ready, willing and able to buy a new vehicle are defensive when they speak with the dealership’s employees. An automotive BDC can be great at tackling this common problem because it helps the staff to determine the driving or motivating factors that the customers are looking for. This can be instrumental in promoting improved sales at a dealership. It can increase profits without inflating marketing and advertising costs.

Generating New Business
There are many methods of marketing and advertising available to car dealerships today, and some of these include costly radio and TV commercials, direct mailers and more. An effective automotive BDC utilizes an Internet lead manager and a CRM to identify the target audience. Rather than canvassing the entire local population, dealerships will be able to target those consumers who are most interested in buying a vehicle in the near future. They will have access to all of their contact information, and the sales team can reach out to them directly in a targeted way. This is a highly cost-effective way to generate new business.

Effective Follow-Ups
The fact is that some car buyers will purchase a vehicle the first time they walk onto a car lot, but others may shop around to different dealerships or visit the same dealership multiple times before making the decision to move forward with a purchase. When a new contact leaves the dealership without making a purchase, it is up to the sales team to regularly stay in touch with that customer. By learning more about the customer’s needs and desires, the sales team can keep the customer updated with new sales, inventory and more that may interest the customer. Regular follow ups that have merit and meaning can be highly effective, and the right automotive BDC can make it easier for dealership staff to accomplish this task.

In order for a dealership to find the most effective solution available, it is necessary to compare the features and benefits of the service as well as its cost. Many who make the decision to compare the different automotive BDCs available will find the solution they are looking for in Dealer Live.



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