Why Your Small Business Needs an Automotive Call Center

Posted by Deal Finder on October 7, 2014

[Posted October 7th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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As a small business, you need all the help you can get streamlining your business operations, right? Well, consider the implementation of an automotive call center for assistance, which take the pressure off your sales team and help them funnel their attention where it’s needed most — on the showroom floor. Placing a contact center at your dealership employs the use of versatile software that adapts to your requirements so you can focus on what’s really important: fostering a sense of brand loyalty with customers and turning that into sales. Your bottom line will reflect the effort and investment you have put into expanding the capabilities of your small business.

How Automotive Call Centers can Help

The advantage of automotive call centers has been clear for large businesses for some time now, for obvious reasons. With so many people on staff and so many resources split several different ways, it becomes nearly impossible to handle all the extras — answering phone calls, scheduling follow-up appointments, sending out email campaigns — while still focusing on face-to-face customer interaction. Small businesses, too, can benefit from automotive call centers precisely because they are so small. You need every man on the field so to speak when you’re trying to build brand awareness, develop ongoing trust and seal the deal. You can’t afford to have your valuable sales staff anywhere but on the car lot. Such call centers have been touted as the best method of handling the rising surge of Internet leads.

When you have a growing list of prospective customers to tackle, it can be difficult to handle all this during normal business hours by your sales staff who have other important duties to attend to. Your automotive call center can take care of these prospects, vet them properly and pass on vital information to the team to drive the sale home. Strategic placement of resources is key in these instances and must be fleshed out.

How You Can Achieve Desired Results

Want to increase your retail sales by up to 11 percent? Want to get spot-on sourcing of your precious advertising dollars? You can achieve that with a solid automotive call center plan like Deal Finder. Utilizing a blend of software and dedicated staff outside your regular sales team, you can get help with customer contacts, follow-up calls and lead generation — all the things you simply may not have time for since you’re a growing business looking to gain some ground. With an automotive call center, you can also overcome customer objections, offer Missed Opportunity Interviews to gain insight, identify dealership assets, increase buyer traffic and generate new business. When you put a solid call center in place at your small business, you are providing a central point of contact for taking sales and promotional calls, managing dealer reputation, handling market pricing increases and following up with customers.

By employing the use of a single easy-to-use platform, you’re streamlining your efforts to produce results that garner the best outcome for your small business. Increasing buyer traffic and thus your bottom line is a major reason to invest in automotive call center programs such as Deal Finder.


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