How to Support Your CRM With an Automotive BDC

Posted by Deal Finder on October 26, 2014

[Posted October 26th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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CRM, BDC…there are a lot of acronyms out there in the world of business and auto dealerships in particular. The long and the short of it is, while both customer relationship management and business development centers can technically survive standing alone, they work best when used in conjunction to pack the biggest punch in terms of efficiency and results. A CRM platform, while crucial to any organization, can’t readily stand on its own in terms of experiencing growth for a company. Rather, it should operate in tandem with a well-developed and implemented automotive BDC.

What is CRM Software?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and it refers to all aspects of the interactions you have with your customers. CRM systems are implemented to better handle the business-to-customer relationship, leading to more efficient operations, better understanding of what the customer wants, an increased bottom line, decreases in costs for customer management and higher customer retention. A solid CRM system done well is a powerful resource for growing your company’s profits and boosting its overall value. A CRM system done half-heartedly or with limited resources can be disastrous at worst and inefficient at best. When you pair a good CRM system with an automotive business development center to maximize your potential, you’re ahead of the game. When used alone, it’s just a sole element of your IT department, incapable of providing all solutions to all people. You need an automotive BDC to spur action and encourage smooth transitioning in terms of marketing, communications and more. This is where the dual-operation comes into play.

Why Does it Work Best Alongside Automotive BDC?

When implemented in conjunction with an automotive BDC, CRM can help identify new customers, explore a wide variety of sales initiatives, identify assets, examine revenue-generating opportunities and build loyalty with your customer base. With a BDC supported by a CRM platform, you can realistically expect to generate more leads and sales, translating to high-value growth for an auto dealership.

Staying in the loop in terms of customers and where they are at any given moment in their car buying or selling experience means you have your finger on the pulse of what they want, when they want it. You need a well-oiled machine to implement this operation and ensure it runs smoothly, cementing both BDC staff, your regular staff and the software used to pull it all together. With a BDC at the helm of a comprehensive CRM software suite like DealFinder’s, you can better streamline your opportunities to gather critical information and make timely decisions based on that data.

Your automotive BDC may tackle promotional calls, follows ups, e-mails and e-newsletters, Internet leads, overall reputation management, service notifications and much more. As such, CRM and BDC must work well together, achieving strategic goals, communicating with other systems, ensuring a user-friendly experience, accommodating processes and adapting well to dynamic factors. One without the other doesn’t equal productive solutions, so be sure to fully investigate the options available to you in regards to complementary customer relationship management and business development center platforms.


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