Targeted Reach: The Keys to Automotive Direct Mail

Posted by Deal Finder on April 15, 2014

[Posted April 15th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Direct mail marketing can be an effective tool in the generation of new business. As the owner of a car dealership, you can use this tool to your advantage in building both sales initiatives and customer loyalty through direct mail, calls and emails, as well as automated and scheduled customer follow-ups. A proven, time-tested method, automotive direct mail marketing campaigns can attract and retain the interest of a potential client.

What is Direct Mail?

Automotive direct mail is what you get in your mailbox every day. A glossy brochure might catch your eye one day, while, on another day, a postcard may pique your interest. What do you do? You call to learn more about the service or product, or you take the coupon to the store to receive a discount. It works much the same way with car dealerships. It’s an old method, but it works. In fact, with direct mail spending reaching nearly $45 billion in 2013, research shows that this method still garners more consumer reaction than electronic marketing. With a 25 percent response rate for direct mail as opposed to a 23 percent response for emails, it’s no wonder car dealerships use this practice to pull potential customers into the showroom.

Why it Works for Dealerships

Direct mail campaigns work because they offer services and options to serve the specific needs of the customer. It also gets dealerships noticed, helping them stand out above the rest with special offers. Direct mail is an ideal way to connect one-on-one with the customer that’s unrivaled by other forms of media. It allows a dealership to add in coupons, mobile bar codes and reply cards to not only alert potential clients to special deals but also to find out more about them. This proven way of generating leads and traffic works for dealerships because it’s effective in hitting your intended target, especially when you do the work to narrow down your audience.

Many dealership financial managers may dismiss the notion of direct mail because of its perceived expense. However, savvy managers know that ROI counts more than initial costs and that knowledge gleaned from such direct mailers can prove to be worthy in the long run. Dealerships that employ direct mail marketing campaigns have many options, with the ability to customize their direct mailer online at any time and gain access to hundreds of graphics, templates and designs that will appeal to a variety of different customers. Successful direct mail is simple and to the point. Take the personal approach and appeal to the potential client’s desires.

Incorporating direct mail campaigns into your car dealership’s marketing strategy can be a resourceful tool to get you the response you want. If you would like to see an increase to your dealerships bottom line, it is in your best interest to invest in a well-rounded automotive direct mail marketing campaign. This traditional form of targeted outreach will ensure you are able to both attract and retain customers for years to come.


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